Nov 17, 2020


The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has totally transformed our lives. From virtual meetups with friends or family to zoom meetings and shopping; it seems that everything going online has become the new normal.

Every country has been trying their best to prevent the spread of this deadly disease and safeguard the health of their citizens. For this reason, the usage of new and smart technologies is paramount. Technology is not only helping to lessen the impact of this infectious disease but also it is teaching us how to effectively handle similar situations in the future.

Through this article, we would guide you to know how technology is helping to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. Keep reading!

  • Smartphones

The use of smartphones in our lives has never been more important than during these crucial times. People are reaching out to delivery apps to get groceries and other essentials shipped to their doorstep which minimizes their exposure to the virus. The usage of e-wallet through phones is protecting people from getting contaminated by reducing the transmission with money. Besides that, COVID-19 apps like Arogya Setu helps to educate, warn, and track people in a limited area who are infected via Bluetooth. 

  • Work From Home

Social distancing is the need of the hour. To comply with this, every small and big organization has adopted work from home policies for the safeguarding of their staff. Without the internet, it would have not been possible. Today, we just need an internet connection to work easily and effectively like we used to do at our workplaces. Apps like Zoom, Slack, Team Finder etc. play a key role in attending meetings, sharing screens or files instantly. Plus, working in PJ’s is so comfy and we all love it! 

  • Distance Learning

With the shutdown of schools, parents were stressing about the impact of COVID-19 on their kids’ education. It is essential to keep the kids occupied so that their mental health remains stable. For this reason, e-learning has been very helpful to overcome this difficult challenge. Schools have also recognized this problem and have started providing online classes. Many education portals also came forward to roll out new interesting online lessons that students can take part in and get lessons while sitting at home. 

  • Video Conferencing

Video calls have made it possible to stay connected with our friends or family, no matter how far away we might be. People need to maintain their distance to stop the spread of this disease but fortunately, through video calls, we can remain remotely connected. Many organizations are conducting interviews through video conferencing, people are even organizing weddings/parties, fitness trainers are conducting online classes, virtual doctor visits and so much more has been possible with this amazing technology. 

  • CCTV

It’s hard to track the places that an infected person has been to in a certain period of time. But, with the help of CCTV, it has become easier to detect and track down people that have been in close proximity with a COVID-19 patient. It is a quick way to identify infected individuals and those who also break rules despite being under home quarantine as per the Government instructions. 

  • Robots in Healthcare

As per a news article published in the Hindu, a robot has been deployed in a Kerala hospital to serve food and medicine to patients. Many hospitals in India are using robots to deliver essential supplies to the patients. It is helpful to reduce the risk of getting contaminated for health care workers and the staff of the hospital. Humanoid robots are assisting doctors to fight COVID-19 and helping to keep medical staff safe.


Technology has become a key weapon to effectively fight off this deadly infection. However, to be prepared, survive & succeed whatever comes next, we should adopt new technological solutions and evolve our technology like using smart vehicles, drones, and robots to reduce human contact.


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