Oct 23, 2020


The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, which began in November 2019 has affected every industry and business across the world. With the urgent need to maintain social distancing, businesses have transitioned to a work from home culture. Remote working has become the new normal in which the employees are connected through virtual mediums to continue their operations.

The virtual switch that the businesses took is expected to remain post COVID-19 as well. While this concept is not new, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has realized the importance of adopting this advanced technology to smoothe the work process and help the business to stand strong despite any unfortunate circumstances.

This article will briefly explain how the usage of virtual conferences is beneficial for your business during and after the Coronavirus era.

Let’s get started:

  • Convenient For the Attendees

Colleagues, partners, and customers can connect in a convenient and effective way through video conferencing. Modern businesses are using this advanced communication tool to collaborate globally regardless of physical location. There are also no restrictions regarding the number of attendees as we used to have for physical events, nor does it involve any cost for people to join, thus going virtual means an increase in the number of attendees. What else could you wish for?

  • Onboard New Hires

The recruitment process is a tough task, especially during the current circumstances, where keeping yourself socially distanced is the need of the hour. Several people are left without a job or money due to the pandemic. Companies have been cancelling in-person interviews but thanks to video conferencing, businesses have been able to recruit new talent without any fear of getting exposed to the virus. It will be a helpful tool in the future as well as companies can use it to reach out to the candidates living remotely.


  • They Are More Engaging


Without any doubt, video conferences are more engaging. The graphics, animations and 3D aspects used online is effective at creating a more engaged workforce. Other tools like text exchange, screen sharing, file sharing, remote control, and conferencing recording overcomes the conferences that we used to have pre-COVID era. This allows effective and better decision making as well. Better the engagement, better the business!


  • Easy To Store

Video conferences can be easily recorded. As a result, those people who could not attend the live session can easily watch it later at any time, from anywhere. In such scenarios, the businesses have an opportunity for generating revenue by imposing a certain fee for those who wish to re-access the virtual meeting or just want to replay it for learning purposes. These companies can also later analyse this performance of the conference through the stored data which can further help in improving engagement.

  • Rewarding For the Presenter

The presenter works really hard to acquire a deep knowledge of the subject that they are going to discuss in order to conduct a successful video conference. The preparation time consumes a lot of time and energy that definitely should not go in vain. With video conferences, even those people who are on leave can access it easily which made the effort of the presenter more worthwhile. 

Final Takeaway

Video conferences are the most important part of the working from home culture when we are forced to cooped inside and avoid meeting people as much as possible. Through the virtual route, companies don’t need to cancel their conferences, events, or meetings anymore as now they can conduct it remotely to increase their growth especially during the times of Corona. Video conferences have successfully eliminated time, cost, and communication barriers that will continue to boom if invested in with proper strategies.

Do share the benefits of Video Conferencing for your association. We would love to hear!


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