Jan 29, 2021


The number of Coronavirus cases continues to rise despite the implementation of public policy measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Businesses and economies all over the world have been impacted by the challenging situations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Working from home, e-learning, virtual get together and video conferences has become the new reality.

This viral pandemic has completely changed the way we used to live. Now, we have become more dependent than ever on our advanced technologies to perform our daily tasks. Businesses and industries are leveraging digital tools to keep their operations going. The “Digital Switch” has made it possible to meet the challenges of Novel Coronavirus and will continue to do so. Want to know why?    

Let’s dive into the article to understand how digital tools have become the necessity to seek solutions and overcome the obstacles of Coronavirus.   

Here we go!

Virtual Conferences:


In the case of COVID-19, social distancing is the key element to stop the transmission of the disease. For this reason, businesses have shifted towards a working from home culture to safeguard the health of their employees and flatten the curve of the deadly virus. It has caused many events, conferences, and meetings to be canceled or postponed.


In such a case, video conferences have emerged to be a great help for many industries across the globe. Through this technology, people can virtually connect with each other eliminating any time or location barrier as well. Zoom meetings have become an essential tool for the business for their regular meeting in a more productive way than what we used to do pre-COVID era. This trend is here for the long run.


Online Learning

During COVID-19 education has shifted to e-learning. Although, it is not a new concept but the closure of schools and colleges across the globe has made it more essential than ever. With this sudden shift towards e-learning, many educational apps have emerged to provide access to education in these difficult times.


Remote education is an effective source of learning. The interactive content available online makes the session more engaging for the learners.  The best part is: you can access it as per your availability. With all its advantages, remote learning will continue to remain post-COVID.


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality has a significant role, especially during times of lockdown. As we were asked to remain in the home and protect ourselves from getting contaminated by the virus, people moved towards virtual reality or augmented reality to pass time and overcome boredom.


Our summer plans couldn’t be the same due to the challenging situation but with VR/AR at least we are able to explore our dream destinations virtually. From VR games and shopping to businesses using it to hold a meeting, the usage of VR has boosted in the times of Coronavirus.


Contactless Payments


In order to avoid the transmission of the virus through paper and coins, people have switched to a digital mode of payment. Earlier, many e-commerce websites have also stopped using COD as a mode of payment and insisted the customers use a digital payment mode, either in the form of a card or e-wallet to ensure safety.

The Coronavirus has accelerated the growth of digital payments. It is expected to continue because of the tension and fear among the individuals who get infected from the virus. It is easy, convenient, and definitely more secure than cash payments.

Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT has a vital role to fight against this global pandemic. IoT enabled devices like drones have helped a lot during the lockdown period. For example, as illustrated by Forbes, drones were being used in Dharavi to keep an eye on the residents to ensure lockdown regulations or make an announcement as the drone was connected with the cell phone for the Mumbai Police.


IoT devices like a thermometer are great tools for the healthcare system to slow down the spread of the virus. Other devices such as touch-free attendance, hands-free sanitization, supervision of body temperature will continue to help in limiting the number of cases, if executed properly.


Artificial Intelligence


AI technologies are highly beneficial in the battle against Coronavirus. Since the outbreak, India began using the tools and solutions of AI to ease the situation. Tackling the viral disease has been a lot easier through the usage of robots, contact tracing apps, chatbots, facial recognition, etc.

Many technology start-ups are building various artificially intelligent systems to help fight the COVID-19 and find a potential cure as well. AI is a great weapon, not only in this tough time, but also for future purposes as well. In the coming years, we might be able to use it for early detection and prevention of any future pandemics due to the stored data AI can handle.

Final Thoughts

Technology has come to the rescue since the outbreak of COVID-19 to keep the world operating as much as possible during these unprecedented times. At the moment, technological tools and devices have become essential in order to support the world and give opportunities to businesses, the education sector, and various other industries to invest into new markets and products.

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