May 20, 2014

From smart phone, to smart devices to smart jewelry, wearable technology is the next wave of our digital world interweaving with our clothing lives.

The people who use wearable devices while doing exercise are really not very comfortable with it because one has to wear these devices constantly. The users have to wear these gadgets, sync them, and charge them etc. In short, they require a lot of maintenance.

In the process of making wearable’s as natural as it can get, a company called OMsignals have launched a clothing line. The company has developed the workout t-shirts that can measure your heart rate and other stats like breathing rate and calorie burned etc.

These t-shirts are more accurate and effective in comparison to other fitness devices because the t-shirt is woven around your chest and gives more accurate heart rate and breathing rate. This t-shirt can also guide you towards your energy level and prompt you to slow down.

OMsignal CEO Stephane Marceau said-“We need something that complements life, without getting in the way of life,” while explaining the concept behind the t-shirt in the press conference. Clothing was, naturally, the most friction-less fit. “Clothing is the only type of wearable you’ve been wearing your whole life. Clothing also allows us to access biological functions where they actually happen.”

OMsignal Biometric Smartwear

The smart t-shirt has high quality texture and it features a band around the chest woven with conductive silver-based thread. This mechanism works very effectively and send signals to the hardware piece which is called as “little black box” by OMsignals. This device is capable to telling the following things to the users:

  • Fitness and stress level

  • It can tell you how much energy is left in your body

  • It can demonstrate whether you are at the level of losing weight or you need to put some extra efforts

  • The breathing patters and respiratory system can also be guided by the device in case your objective is to build stamina

Basically, this device tracks your heart rate as well as your breathing patterns by the way your chest expands and contract as you breathe. It also measures your heart rate as well as your breathing patters as you do exercise. For all the other fitness devices, getting the firsthand experience about the breathing pattern is very difficult.

Currently these t-shirts are available in the market and so far people have not faced any problems in its maintenance. OMsignals is planning to launch some more fitness clothing systems which can further change the way of fitness for people.

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