Jul 10, 2014

The world is changing fast so does the trends which we use to follow. Earlier there were mails-now there are e-mails, earlier we use to give money cheques-now we do online transfers, earlier people use to phone each other-now they do Skype chatting etc. Trends are really changing and the people who are not keeping the pace with these trends are lacking behind.

Even the shopping trends are changing. People are no longer wandering store-to-store and checking out the clothes/shoes. Buyers are becoming smart buyers and they are purchasing things on-line which is becoming a huge trouble for the retail store owners and beneficial for the e-commerce industry.

The property prices are going really high so does the running cost of the store. All these factors are influencing the cost of merchandise which are getting sold in the store. The e-retailers have an upper hand here because they do not have such operational costs and hence, they are able to give very lucrative offers to their online buyers.

Buyers are also getting benefited from the emerging e-commerce store and they are making all their purchases on-line. Some of the companies are also offering the free pick-up which gives the freedom of size trial to the consumers.

Lately, buyers are becoming smart and they are trying the merchandise in the physical store before buying it on-line. It solves their problem and they also get the huge discounts on their favorite, selected clothes. The buyers do their research online and in a recent survey, 79% of the people have said that they trust online comments more than sales persons and hence, they read the reviews of other people before they actually buys the product. These online shopping portals also have some of the coolest apps which facilitate the buyer to purchase things from anywhere and at any time. This feature is unbeatable for the retail stores who have certain opening and closing time and are available on limited locations only.

More and more companies are opening their e-commerce website in order to grab hold of the e-shoppers but again the problem remain same for the store owners. They really don’t know how to deal with the window shoppers and how to compete with the online stores.

It is important to say that social media is also a huge factor which is driving e-commerce sale because people ask their friends about the reviews of the product they are buying online and also check the comments about the company on their social profiles. Even the advertising is very cheaper on social media if compared to the newspaper/TV/Radio.

While considering all the above said points one can certainly see why these retail shopping stores are vanishing and why e-commerce portals will disappear soon. However, the retail stores have their own benefits and it’s about time that they must cash on those points before it becomes difficult for them to keep their head above the water.


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