Jul 15, 2014

2014 will mark a significant growth for wearable technology. As per the industry predictors, the wearable technology will grow by 350% this year which is HUGE to say the least. Currently, wearable devices are a very small part of technology industry but this notion is all set to change.

Big players such as Samsung, Sony etc. have already launched their wearable devices in terms of smart watches. Apple is launching its smart watch in September 2014 which is likely to bring some new competition in the market. The shipment of apple smart watch is likely to break all records by 2014 end. The main focus of this watch will be health and fitness.

As per the records, 1.6 million fitness bands have been shipped in the second half of 2013. Over 200,000 smart bands have been shipped in the first half of the year. There is no doubt that the growth is tremendous. It is more than 700% in just mere span of 6 months. Hence, one can easily say that the future is golden for the wearable devices.

If the prediction are to be believed than over 8 million units of fitness bands will be shipped in 2014 and about 23 million will be shipped by 2015. The numbers does not only end here as per the Canalys- the shipment of fitness bands would reach the soaring number of 23 million by the end of 2017.

Currently only fitness companies are putting their focus on this technology but gradually media and healthcare professionals are also understanding its importance and giving due though to this technology. The accuracy which can be found through these wearable devices in medical field is something which is not imaginable. These bands are able to record every action which can lead to great accuracy in predicting the patient health.

Wearable technology is a next huge thing because it’s not slowing down. It is spreading its wing and now the companies are also experimenting with the clothes in order to give an edge to their product. Couple of companies have launched the smart clothing line in order to record and maintain the first hand user breathing experience as well as they are working towards providing more accuracy.

This technology is also giving new expansions to the developers, vendors, manufactures. Now they also have to come with an ideas/application which are well synced as well as workable with the wearable devices. If all the above data is to be believed, we will see some tremendous growth in the wearable technology. Although some cool and useful applications are always welcomed in the tech industry!!

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