Jul 18, 2014


Apple and Google have already moved towards IoT (Internet of Things) and now it looks like Microsoft is going to follow them in future. Since past 5 years or so, all these tech titans are in a kind of race and launching the products on the similar lines. Phones, Tablets, TV’s are just some of the examples of the above given statement. When Apple launched a HomeKit, is was pretty evident that these two companies will surely follow the same path.

Google is already trying to put android everywhere and now Microsoft has now joined AllSeen Alliance group in order to move forward with the Internet of Things. AllSeen alliance is an organization which is pushing for AllJoyn open standard for connecting devices. Some of the prominent members of this organization are- Haier, LG, Panasonic, Sears, Qualcomm etc. All these companies are supporting the protocol of open device communication and global compatibility. Microsoft is the newest member of this organization which is also supporting the same notion.

The simple fundamental of this company is to have an open and effortless communication between the devices of various companies and give a secure and limited technology products to people. It will actually be better to control the TV, Music system, room lights, locks etc. with just one simple remote control or phone. Life become more complicated when we have to use different command tool for different devices. Hence, simplifying the things is indeed something which we all love.

With Microsoft joining the league, it looks like they will be offering their cloud services to all these companies in order to make Internet of Things possible. Currently, some of the Windows 8 device support for staples platform and Microsoft is also selling Insteon gear in the stores. This could be a tiny step, but it speaks volumes about the future plan of Microsoft.

There is no denying that Internet of Things is the future where everything and anything will be connected to the internet and the smartphone will become vital part of our life. Lights, music system, home security, pet feeding, digital keys etc. are already connected with the Internet currently and people are welcoming this change with open arms. If the partnership of Microsoft and all these companies become successful than we soon will see many other things following the route of IoT.

Right now, it is really difficult to say how things will mold with Microsoft coming on board with AllSeen alliance but we hope for the best and wait for the home devices connected with IoT.

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