Jul 7, 2014

Technology is effective each and every vertical of our life. There is nothing in our day-to-day world which has not being influenced by technology. From the way we study (e-books), to the way we communicate with each other (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) everything has been changed in last decade or so.

Life is becoming easier for us day-by-day and technology is churning out all the difficult task out of our life and giving us only the easiest things to do. We no longer have to struggle for regular things because now technology is there to simplify the operations.

Even the way we do shopping is going through a radical change. From market to mall, from malls to e-commerce and now from e-commerce to augmented reality based stores. We are doing a very smooth transactions with technology. Retailers are incorporating augmented reality in their online shopping portals to give more comfort to its consumers.

The augmented reality based shopping portals also make sure that the consumers are also at ease. They get the following features from the augmented reality based online showrooms-

  • Virtual make-up mirrors
  • Virtual try rooms
  • Expert advice and comments
  • Social media tabs
  • Easy and amazing offers

Augmented reality is giving the real life feeling to the consumers where they can feel and see the products. The user can upload the photo of them and see how a particular piece of clothing will look on them. They can mention their size and computer will take out the merchandise of their size.

The experts are always available on-line to help you in making the combination of clothes. They will also suggest you the accessories and make-up to go with it. All these things are missing from the actual physical stores. More so, with these AR based apps, the user can share the virtual picture of themselves wearing that particular dress on the social media and see what their friends has to say before making the purchase etc. These things cannot be offered by the physical stores.

One of the best feature of these AR online shopping portals is virtual make-up room where one can see the effect of a particular make-up on their face. This feature is really amazing if something is hoping to buy a lip or a nail color because they will be able to see the whole effect of the color on their nails/lips.

Online shopping is slowly becoming the raze for the young generation because of the discount it is offering in comparison to the physical store and the addition of AR is just like a cheery on top for the consumers.

At last, we can just say that soon e-commerce industry will be influenced by the AR and people will be able to get the same experience which they get in the store on these shopping portals. Enjoy shopping shoppers!!

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