Jul 29, 2014

There is no doubt that technology is making life simpler and easier day by day. In this digital era, where everything is being digitized, social media is changing the way we communicate with each other. Social media is an effective platform not only for easy and seamless communication, but also for brand building for businesses. A Forrester Research shows that social media is the second top most channel which affects the brand building strategy.

A research carried out by Forrester Research shows that 23% online consumers visit social networking sites several times a day. Refer to the subsequent snapshot to understand the share of frequency of various activities carried out by users.

On an average, Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device. 91% of mobile internet access is to socialize. Users spend 49% of their mobile time to access social networking sites.

The top 6 reasons why social media is an effective platform for brand building are as follows:

1. Easy and Seamless Communication

Unlike traditional media, social media is digitally connected to the internet. Users do not have to worry about time because digital platforms can be accessed by the users real time unlike the traditional media i.e. Television. Social media is accessible from anywhere at any time and brands can share messages which can be consumed by users at the time they want to.

2. Massive Impression

The main benefits of using social media for brand building is spreading messages quickly over large groups of audiences and gaining higher impressions in a short span of time since messages spread from one network to another very quickly.

3. Global Reach

The beauty of social media is its global reach. Social media platforms are accessible from anywhere around the globe. Social media is the best platform for those who want to build a global brand. You can share your information with targeted people without wasting time.

4. Two Way Communication

The best part of social media is that it has a two way communication capability. Consumers can directly communicate with brands and vice versa in real-time. Two way communication is very important for brand building because once you know what your customers are interested in, you can make the right decision. Brands can leverage this power of social media for competitive advantage over other channels.

5. Sustainable and Future Oriented

Social media is a sustainable platform for brand building. We all know that the future will be digital, social and global. Everything is being digitized, from wearable things to home appliances. In this digital era, social media is playing a major role in making people more sociable. In this era of social media, Internet technologies create an opportunity for global businesses and have opened the door for global communication.

6. SEO Benefit

Nowadays, search engines start considering social signals as an organic ranking factor. The main objective of search engines is to provide the best answer for user queries and to achieve this objective, search engines start getting the data from the social media channels before providing a search result based on a user query. Now it is very important for every brand to have a strong social media presence.

The points mentioned above provide a strong reason to start using social media platforms for brand building. The next topic will revolve around leveraging social media in brand building.


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