Feb 28, 2014

Do you remember the time, when you use to go to the super market to buy products? Yes, we all do. Then with the popularity of telephone, people have started calling for home delivery then the time came when we all became too lazy to even call the super market and started using the concept of e-commerce. It looks like now we also have to say good bye to e-commerce because m-commerce is making its way at a very rapid pace in our lives.

M-commerce we can say, is a smarter extension of e-commerce which gives us the ability to buy/sell things when we are on the go. It is actually difficult to be glued in front of the desktop for every small little thing one needs to order. Lots of online stores are now closing the deals with the leading mobile companies in order to have the pre-build applications in the mobile phones.

Some of the smart facts of current m-commerce industry are:

  • 2013 has seen the growth of 11.6% of m-commerce sale
  • Almost 86% of big online retail stores in USA have a mobile application to support their m-commerce department
  • It is predicted that m-commerce will be a $700 billion industry by 2018…says Juniper research report 

In reality, it is actually difficult to be stuck in front of the desktop regularly. People prefer to do everything on the go these days. From morning’s newspaper to evening’s e-book, they want to read, shop, play and socialize etc. everything while they are mobilizing.

It is very evident from the numbers which these online stores are generating that m-commerce is the next big thing. Even last year 15% of total online sales happened through mobile and this number is expected to grow by at least 150% this year. More and more people are opting for m-commerce because its saves their time as well as give them freedom to do shopping anytime and anywhere they like.

Way back in 2010, the industry pundits were estimating that the trend of m-commerce will emerge by 2024-25. But Samsung has changed the prediction will the launch of its large screen mobiles and phablet. Now people do not feel the need of the desktop anymore because big screen give them the comfort they have been asking for.

The demand for mobile responsive website is becoming huge because enterprises wants to attract customers on every possible platform they can. They want to target customer on every platform so that they can increase their sales. Even opting between a mobile application and mobile responsive website is becoming a tough choice.

All in all, we can just say that soon we all will be saying good bye to e-commerce because more and more consumers will be switching towards m-commerce. In our point-of-view, the user experience of m-commerce will definitely be better than e-commerce.

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  1. Great read,
    People who are not ready to accept this change would definitely loose much.
    Nice post to give a wake up call.

  2. thanks for your comment...Ehtesham

  3. Nice post and I am totally agree with you that in earlier days we had to go the market to buy something but nowadays the scenario is changed. And according to a fact "50% of mobile owners use businesses less often if their websites are not mobile friendly."
    Thanks for sharing.


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