Feb 12, 2014

We all remember the speech in which Steve Jobs said- “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. It looks like this hunger of Apple Inc. is not going to stop anytime soon because reportedly Apple is working on its new content delivery network which will further give access to Apple towards its products, says WSJ.

Apple Inc. is known for its control over its products and complete user experience. This obsession of apple gave birth to iTunes store, Mac etc. Now if we all look back, we actually feel that this obsession gave us so many amazing and quality products. And as Steve jobs had said while introducing iTunes to us- “Its Good Karmas”.

Right now, Apple controls the entire customer experience except the delivery part of it. That has been handled by Akamai Technologies and Level 3 Communications for them. Now it is believed that Apple wants to bring that under its roof as well and it wants to promote its iCloud service while giving an exceptional experience to its consumers.

Apple Inc. recently hired so many people who have experience in building large scale content delivery networks from all over the globe. It looks like Apple does not want to settle for anything which is less than perfect. However, because things are under wrap it is unclear that what type of network Apple is building and what it is intended to achieve from this delivery network, what area it will serve and what are the other factors which they will keep in mind while developing this network.

If Apple succeeds (which we are sure of), it will be a blow for Akamai technology. Recently, Akamai technology wanted to re-negotiate the deal with Apple and wanted them to increase some of the fee. Right now Akamai has 51 cent a share on the revenue of $422.4 million. It looks like Apple has decided to build its own delivery network than to increase the revenue share of Akamai.

It is true that with this new delivery system Apple will have the full control over its deliveries however, iCloud has its own limitations and the consumers may have to fight the initial hiccups while getting use to this new system. All in all, right now things are in wrap and no one knows what features this new delivery system has to offer to the world. We will keep you updated about any new development we hear!!

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  1. Nice post and informative too. And It's really amazing that apple building its own delivery network ,and I m sure they'll do something really good in this too. Great !


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