Mar 10, 2014

“Google is providing access of 75 popular indoor venues across 22 cities in India. This is a new revolution which will help you to navigate your way inside those popular listed destinations as well.”

Google is actually becoming an integral part of our life and it would not be wrong to say- ‘that Google is everywhere we go’. Google is trying to simplify people’s life by saving their time through every possible way. If we look at the increasing number of Malls in India, where people are spending so much time towards shopping, food, entertainment etc. Google has just provided an application towards simplifying the life of the shoppers.

From 5th March 2014, you can access Indoor Google Maps for 75 popular indoor venues across 22 cities in India. Indoor Google Maps are like having an indoor directory in the palm your hand – which will help you to navigate inside the mall without any assistance and extra miles. The popular venues like Ambience Mall of Gurgaon and Select City Walk of Delhi now have their floor plans uploaded on Google Maps. The maps automatically appear when user zoom in on location and then fad away when the map is zoomed out.

In some locations, to make people’s indoor navigation easier and more seamless, Google has adapted the location technology developed for My Location. This is the first time they have used this technology for the indoor Google maps. This means that when you move up or down a level in a building with multiple floors, the map will automatically update to display which floor you are on. It will also help you in accessing the showroom and prompt you with the directions inside the mall.

This is the first stage of Indoor Google maps in India and in the near future company will add new feature which can help user to access the mall more easily while shopping across the country. Interested Indian business owners can add their floor plan to get the benefits of this service. Visit here for floor plans.


  1. Yes, nowadays People are googled for almost everything they need or they want to do. And with this indoor features the user experience would be more friendly. BTW nice and informative post. Keep blogging....Cheers!


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