Feb 17, 2014

Yes, it is true. Google has also launched the ‘Same-Day’ delivery program in Southland. Some days before, we have reported that Amazon is working religiously towards the algorithm which will
predict the future prospective delivery and people will be able to receive the products at their doorstep within few hours of the online payment.

It looks like Google does not like any other company being ahead of them. It is a cut throat reality that every company has same products and they are almost reaching to the customer at the same price. The only thing which can change the game here is the approximate delivery time.

Google has launched its delivery pilot project in the bay area earlier this year. Google expands test of its same-day delivery service to Southland and invited all their employees to test this mode and give company- ‘The Real Feedback’. This service from Google is known as Google Shopping Express service. Lots many employees of Google work in that area and they tested this service. Google is hoping to soon open this service to general community.

The experts are hoping that Google will also launch this program as all the previous programs. Wherein, slowly and gradually Google will increase its reach. Since September, 2013 customer from San Francisco to San Jose are able to use this Google Shopping Express service.

Right now the consumers can go and compare different products offered by different merchants on Google Shopping Express website and place an order into a single online basket. If the users do not have any membership they have to bear the shipping cost of $4.95 for each retailer they purchase the product from.

Google currently is offering 6 months of free membership and the benefits of the membership is still under deliberation. The company is waiting to collect enough data so that they can come up with something stronger which can also segregate people properly on the basis of their membership.

In this new turn of events, Google has also launched the window of time for delivery. The merchandise will be delivered to the consumers in the Google branded trucks driven either by the employees of Google or by the people who are trained by the company.

So far Google says that they have received very good feedback about this same day delivery system and they are very optimistic about spreading this whole delivery system all over USA. We also hope that Google does succeed in this mission because it will eventually make the shopping easier for the online buyers.

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