Feb 1, 2014

Way back in 1995, when online shopping was launched by e-bay, people dismissed it as a crazy idea as no one wanted to buy a product which they had not physically seen and held. However, today the story is very different. Online shopping is estimated to be a $250 billion industry. Online purchases range from clothes to jewelry, health products to books.

The only hitch which people face during online shopping is the ‘expected delivery time’ which can even go up to 10 days. However, the new discovery of ‘Audacious Anticipatory Algorithm’ by Amazon states that this delivery time will be reduced to a few hours or maybe minutes. Yes, you read it right-FEW MINUTES!

Amazon has been working on this algorithm for quite some time now. As the name suggest, it is an anticipatory algorithm which will be working on the concept of ‘anticipation’. So in lay man’s terms, technically Amazon will be shipping your product even before you have ordered it.

As per amazon, this whole concept will work on the likelihood of the person ordering a particular product at a specific location. So let us say that amazon thinks that a person living in Mountain View, California is likely to order the whole set of PS-3. They will be shipping this product to Mountain View without any address. This product will remain in shipment till the time that person or any other person before him makes an online purchase of this product. Once the payment has been made, the product will be delivered within hours and if the shipment is around the corner perhaps in a couple of minutes.

This concept sounds very fascinating but has a number of risks involved. Predicting human behavior was never an easy job and it is certainly not easy in the world of technology. But as per Amazon, they have developed a highly complex algorithm which will be able to predict when and which item is likely to be ordered.

In reality, this is just a cut throat old fashioned American way to reach to the customer. Every company is selling the same product at almost at the same price. Whosoever, wins the race of a reduced delivery time frame, will grab the customer’s attention and loyalty.

As a concept, this looks fantastic. we hope that Amazon gets this algorithm right so that the time of delivery of the products reduce significantly and we get to have our desired products delivered to us within a couple of hours of online purchase.

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