Jan 27, 2014

Every day we see something which is new that takes our breath away. With the advent of technology, things which we could imagine till a couple of years ago, are now being converted into reality. Technology is so vast that it reaches out to every person in some form or the other. Even the younger generation is familiar with the concept of smartphones, laptops, applications etc.

A decade ago, smart phones were a thing that only the elite could afford but now, every 5th person in USA has a smartphone. Even smartphones are now becoming outdated and smart jewelry is making its way in our day to life. On an average, a smartphone user checks his/her mobile phone 150 times daily. The basic concept of this smart jewelry is to reduce that usage by 60%.

Some of the companies which are manufacturing smart jewelry are:

Smarty Ring

It is a tiny little stainless steel gadget which is available with the option of either green or blue LED lights. Equipped with features which will keep you abreast with the updates on your cellphones without glancing at the latter, this gadget allows you to control your music, click pictures, chat, e-mail, check time and other social media updates. Amazing isn’t it?

MEMI Bracelet

This product uses wireless technology to communicate with your iPhone. You can download the app on your mobile and choose who can communicate with you and at what time. You can create a priority list and this bracket will send you notifications accordingly. It is a smart piece of jewelry which also gives you the notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts.

O.R.B Bluetooth Headset

This product is a unique combination of a ring and a headset. When the user is wearing it like a ring it will display the calls, text messages, calendar appointments etc. To turn this ring into a headset, the user simply needs to twist it and place it over the ear. It is a unique piece of smart jewelry which serves a dual purpose.

At this stage, it is very difficult to comment on the product which will be rated better amongst the three listed above. However, a conclusion that we can draw by looking at these devices, is that the way technology is being used is rapidly changing and soon the human race would feel incomplete without technology.

This blog post is written by Omnie Solutions, a web application development company with expertise in enterprise and mobile app development for smart devices.    


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