Nov 28, 2014

Some would say that the introduction of Google Chrome in 2008 was a direct conflict of interest to their ongoing relationship with Mozilla, with whom they had been the default search engine for four years. Now, as their tenth contractual year comes to a close, Mozilla has officially announced that they will not be renewing their relationship with Google, opting instead to sign a five-year deal with Yahoo.

Though the strain caused by Chrome (whose users now outnumber Firefox) seems clearly significant, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard insists that the severing of ties with Google is instead contributed to the pursuit of new competitive options, stating:

“Google has been the Firefox global default search engine since 2004. Our agreement came up for renewal this year, and we took this as an opportunity to review our competitive strategy and explore
our options. We are adopting a more local and flexible approach to increase choice and innovation on the Web, with new and expanded search partnerships by country.” – Mozilla CEO Chris Beard

Expanded partnerships by country indeed! Though the United States will be switched to Yahoo, Firefox users in China will be routed to Baidu search and users in Russia will be directed to Yandex. Despite the changes, Mozilla has gone on record stating that all Firefox users will still have the option to choose Google as their default search engine.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo expressed her excitement about the new deal, stating on her blog, “Mozilla is an inspirational industry leader who puts users first…This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years and we’re so proud that Mozilla has chosen us as their long-term partner in search”.

The potential for Yahoo’s growth in the search market is as unlimited as it is needed, with the company currently only accounting for 10% of US searches. In an effort to accommodate their new partner, CEO Mayer has confirmed that Yahoo is creating a new search engine for Firefox that will feature a “clean and modern” design. The new look is scheduled for release early next year.

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