Nov 12, 2014

Unfortunately, drones are probably most commonly associated with the nightmarish scenarios playing out on everyday news. Reports of violence and political turmoil seem to plague these sophisticated machines which is really quite an injustice considering how useful they can be. Fortunately, not all is lost on the potential surrounding drones, and now more than ever they are finding acceptance and purpose within everyday society. Drone applications are plentiful, and the enthusiasm surrounding their use is stemming from just about every angle imaginable! Here are some of the creative ways drones are being used for good:


Amazon is reportedly clamoring to capitalize on this technology, launching efforts to create a drone doorstep delivery system. This ambitious goal would need to solve several roadblocks, like coordinating and gaining permission from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as well as extending the current battery life of the average drone. Even so, several companies seem up to the challenge, with big names like Google and Dominoes joining in on the drone delivery bandwagon!

Search and Rescue

SAR is a volunteer organization which is dedicated to search and rescue missions. The group passionately touts the lifesaving potential of drones, citing their video cameras and live feed capability. Capable of surveying large areas of land and reporting specific grid details, drones are also able to deliver crucial life support, like food and water. In addition, drones can theoretically be used to help alleviate the tremendous cost of a traditional search and rescue, which leaves a very large finance and resources footprint.

Photography & Video

Drones have opened up new doors in the creative and practical sides of photo and videography. Photographers, amateur and professional can both enjoy the benefits of an eye in the sky. It captures angles and moments that would have otherwise been missed, and this high tech photo op is becoming an increasingly favored feature at weddings and other memorable social events. The video and picture capability can also be used practically, as a diagnostic tool to help with home improvements and other large projects.


Despite all its functionality, you can’t overlook the sheer “cool factor” of owning your very own drone. They have the same appeal as any RC gadget, but kind of on steroids. Racing and outmaneuvering other drones has become a popular hobby and even if racing isn’t your thing, casually flying a drone through the park while checking the live feed can be a lot of fun!

Interested in your own drone? It will still cost a pretty penny, but thanks to their popularity, there are affordable versions for those of us who just have to have our own! Have a look at below mentioned list of popular drones available in the market:

Storm Drone FF Flying Platform- $360.00

This fun drone boasts 9” x 4.7” rotors which helps steady the machine against wind. When equipped with a GoPro camera, it can record for up to seven minutes at a time and produce quality videos.

H-King Darkwing- $167.00

Living up to its name, the sleek design and lengthy wingspan of this drone is striking! Its construction is specifically meant for a stunning first-person viewing experience.

LaTrax Alias- $150.00

Beginners will find this manually operated drone to be a helpful introduction to flying. It’s durable construction means it won’t break easily and it’s still large enough to fit a small camera for the full drone experience!

Already own your own? We want to know- what do you use your drone for?

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