Nov 19, 2014

Microsoft has been busy lately! The software giant has just released a string of new announcements marking the commencement of a few unexpected, but so far, very well received efforts.

Office 365 has long been Microsoft’s claim to fame, and through the years the company has diligently strived to keep that software at the forefront of the ever changing and evolutionary technology development industry. To that end, Microsoft has previously released Office mobile in an attempt to satiate markets outside of PCs.

Though Office mobile has been available for some time now, there have been distinct issues with the functionality and more specifically, the cohesiveness of the App. Previous criticisms of Office mobile pointed out that the programs were often wildly differentiated, making it difficult for consumers to adjust to the different platforms.

In response, Microsoft is endeavoring to improve Office’s mobile presence with the following:

- An Updated Office for iPad App

- New Office for iPhone Apps

- An Office for Android Tablets Preview

The new offerings are all available for free, and they are centered on retaining the loyalty of Office users, with the company’s VP, John Case, stating, “With Office on nearly every device, it’s incredibly important to us that customers have a consistent experience and the ability to do more- anywhere and everywhere…”

Also recently unveiled is Microsoft’s plan, in partnership with Mono, to open, releasing it to the popular web hosting service, GitHub. This decision marks a departure from Microsoft’s previously exclusive nature, and it signals a changing tide in the way developers may choose to build their future applications. As a follow up to the release, Microsoft also plans to fully open source all of the .Net server stack, which would enable developers to build cloud applications on several platforms.

And if that were not enough, Microsoft has also revealed that they are in the midst of creating a brand new Visual Studio Community App. The tech empire has stated that this free edition will replace previous versions with its wider list of functionalities and claims that “…no matter the platform you are targeting or the app you are creating, Visual Studio…will help you be successful.”

Despite Microsoft’s obvious financial success, the brand has struggled intermittently with their popularity amongst consumers. Tell us, do you think the company’s latest strategic moves will help to turn the tide?


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