Sep 8, 2014

After computer and mobile computing, companies are working to bring technology more close to users through wearable devices. Development of wearable devices is on rise and many top companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have already taken their steps to move forward in this area. Wearable technology is not only effecting consumers, but also businesses. We are familiar with Google Glass which already has created buzz in wearable device technology.

Augmented reality is another technology trend, which is changing the way we do the things. Augmented reality is a concept, which is used to create a virtual world of a corresponding physical world. It is being adopted by many industries to do the things in better way. Retail, gamming, defense, healthcare and other industries are already using augmented reality to perform things in better way.

Augmented reality based application is not only limited to desktop or mobile devices. Developers are also creating AR application for wearable devices. Wearable device manufacturing companies have already considered augmented reality as an essential part of it.

Wearable devices are being used for various industries for varied purposes. In some cases augmented reality is essential to perform the task in better way. For example Google Glass is used to explore travel destinations. Through the augmented reality it shows the actual view of that location so that you can see things without going there. This way you can easily make the decision if you want to go there or not.

In other case, for example, user can be benefited from augmented reality integrated with wearable device (like Google Glass). Suppose consumer wants to purchase furniture or any other home d├ęcor things but not sure how it will look like. With the help of Google Glass consumer can add those things in their living room and can see how it looks virtually without going to store.

In the above scenarios we can see there is no need for the user to physically visit the store to buy clothes. It thus saves user’s time and money and helps them in taking better decision.

Use of wearable device is so wide and will be used by many industries. With the help of augmented reality, those tasks will be performed very easily where our physical presence is critical.

Same way augmented reality app can be integrated in wearable devices to handle same type of critical situation which otherwise is not possible practically. For example; Google Glass with augmented reality can be used by surgeons for critical surgery.

Same situation can be handled through augmented based wearable device in near future. It could be either in the form of apps or directly enabled in wearable devices. Gartner also says that augmented reality will become an important workplace tool. Organizations will use the combination of augmented reality and wearable devices in brand building.

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