Sep 16, 2014

After social media, it’s time for internet of things which helps devices to connect to each other virtually. Difference between both is that in social media people are getting connected and in internet of things devices will be connected. Gartner list internet of things (IOT) is one of the top ten strategic technology trends in 2014. Business Insider estimates that nine billion devices will soon be connected to the internet. IOT is reshaping the world in following ways.

Better connected world

From a source, research shows that by 2020, there will be 8 billion people on earth and 50 billion connected things with 5 million apps, representing nearly 6 things per person. It is estimated that by 2035 there will be around 1 trillion connected things with 100 million apps.

By the connected world we mean to say it will be easier to access and share information. For example; suppose you are on the way to somewhere and the road on your route gets damaged due to some unforeseen conditions. Then with this new technology communication link will be developed between your car and the road via cloud hence informing you about the condition of road. For example, in future it is expected that the morning routine is going to be slightly different all credit goes to Internet of Things technology. Your alarm may ring up earlier than usual time indicating some traffic jam on your route. If you are allergic and you decide to wear a suit with sensors to detect the air quality. So with the IOT you may be warned about some high pollen count in air which could otherwise unnecessarily trigger an attack.

Better manageability

With the introduction of this connected world technology, people can now manage things easily. Our home, Car, and other things will be connected to each other and people will now be able to manage all things through their mobile phones.

Big data for making things better

Internet of Things technology will help industries to gather huge information as everything will be connected through internet via cloud. This information can then be used to understand the consumer behaviour by using data to make things better. For example; in medical industry the data collected from various sources can be used to understand the type of diseases and provide better care to the patients. Businesses can make use of the data collected via cloud by using internet of things technology to improve marketing practices and also quality of their products.

New opportunities

Internet of Things is totally a new concept and a big trend. It is not only going to transform the way things are communicating with each other but will also create numerous better opportunities. For example; IOT will bring the new opportunity for app development companies to create varied apps for internet enabled devices. In future it is for sure that as the internet of things will be on rise it will surely demand new apps and platforms alongwith new mobile devices.

It will not be false to say that those days are not far away when we will be living in a world where each and everything in our surrounding will be connected and also interact with each other and make our earth a smart planet.

[Image credited: Ocean Data System]

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