Sep 10, 2014

Apple has announced its next-generation of handset, known as the "iPhone 6." A keynote presentation was held by Apple on September 9, 2014, Tuesday in California. In its unveiling event Apple presented its new redesigned iPhone 6 which will be available in two screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Unlike to its previous launches this new iPhone model has already been widely leaked with its pictures and videos viral on web. The iPhone6 video clip on YouTube which is live for several days has about 1.8m views. It however looks genuine and is not yet removed by YouTube.

This new iPhone will run on iOS 8 Apple’s new version mobile operating system which was launched by company at its World Wide Developers' Conference in the month of June. Most important iOS 8 features are as follows:

  • HealthKit which is used to monitor your health which will retrieve data from various health trackers such as blood pressure sensors.

  • Another is HomeKit, used to control wide range of automation devices used at home such as lights and heating systems.

However the expected release date of iPhone 6 has been planned for Friday September 19th. Pre-order sale starting on September 12 online and people can directly visit an Apple Retail Store beginning at 8:00 A.M. on September 19 to buy the same.

Ahead of its launch let us have a look at how people are trying hard to get this iPhone 6. To our utter surprise consumers are preparing themselves for this inevitable iPhone 6 release by starting to line up in front of Apple’s subterranean flagship store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Its diehard fans have already started to camp out on New York City streets for weeks ahead just to get their piece of Apple’s newest gadget. It simply means in spite of waiting up there for weeks there is no surety that you can get your favorite iPhone.

Many people waiting there in queue are being sponsored by companies who are paying for their iPhones and letting them work from line. Some people are trying to convince others standing first in the queue to buy iphone6 for them so that they can resell them at higher prices for their own benefit.

Image Source : Quartz/Zach Wener-Fligner


 Image Source: Lauren Walker/Newsweek

To conclude we are happy that Apple has launched this amazing series of iPhone with a larger phone display and many other variant features which will fulfill the impending needs of a common man. Also we wish best of luck to all who are awaiting for their turn to order this masterpiece made by Apple.

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