Aug 19, 2014

Google glass, when introduced was more geeky. It was launched for complete tech-whiz work but now when it has turned 2 years old, the usage is not just getting diverted towards the commercial level but it’s becoming an ultimate business solution too.

Although Google glasses are still not within the reach for the commercial use or for consumer level. But that time is not far away when one can find people communicating with their smartphones with a Google glass, whether it’s about storing movies, books or any notification which can be seen with the use of Google glass but also it will correct our eye vision if needed. In fact, developers are working on these geeky looking glasses to make it more compact but they are also working towards the invention of the contact lenses which can give the complete feeling of any sci-fi movies in the matter of time.

However, a question arises; how it’s a complete business solution and in what industries Google glass has been used or is going to be used. If we look at the current situation, Google glasses and business doesn’t seems to go hand-in-hand. Businesses which are into bar, casinos, movie theatres, or any other business where these glasses can breach their privacy policy will not welcome Google glass and will ban them.

However there are many industries, where they are eager to use this technology or already using it or it’s under the testing phase or something. In today’s post, we will discuss about these industries and where it can be used to take out the maximum benefits and usage. You probably don’t know there are dozens of businesses that have already started using Google Glass. Whether it’s a big or small businesses, Google glasses are definitely making its impact over these industries.

Below are industries where it’s been used –

Education and Training

With the Google glasses reading would be really fun, no turning pages or carrying books. A Google glass can store ample number of books. Plus with current live video streaming or may be stored videos, a student can learn a lot. In fact it can be used in industries where you need focused training or learning, Google glasses may help employers to use it to learn precision and meticulousness.

Marketing and Tech

Technologies like Gamification or technology where you require augmented reality or Virtual reality. Here, Google glasses shows its best usage. Other than these, Google Glass could be part of the “connected home” technology and can serve as both remote control and interactive video screen for watching TV.


In retail, it will definitely give the new horizon to the ecommerce and online shopping. It will definitely bridge the gap between the physical store and online store also boost the customer trust and confidence while going for online shopping.

Health and Medicine

Experts have claimed that Google glasses would definitely make an impact when it comes in the medical industry. Whether it’s about accessing the information of a patient by just scanning the QR code and to find out the medical history in just snap of time to also help the patients to stream some videos like facilities given to new mothers to how to breastfeed their newborn or any other offered needs.

Media, Journalism and Entertainment

This industry is also booming, e.g. sportscaster John Kucko used Google glass while covering this year’s Super Bowl. When it comes to media and journalism, it will definitely help in covering reports and also helps in broadcasting etc. Again in entertainment from making a video to broadcasting those videos to the viewers can be done with a help of Google glass.

Travel and Tourism

Imagine you are going through an international flight where instead of checking your details, boarding pass or any other information manually or using a computer the agents are maintaining the eye contact with you, greeting you and eventually accessing and checking your flight information. It not just saves your time but it definitely sounds cool, isn’t it? Therefore in travel and tourism, the Google glasses will make a promising effect which will help in improving the customer relation and satisfaction.

Other than the above industries, there are more industries like sports, automobile, real estate, banking and finance etc. where Google glass can be used as a business solution. So, at the end we can say Google glasses are definitely making a huge impact on many businesses and you never know what developers come up with next to woo us!

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