Aug 22, 2014

The future of anything depends on how it will influence our life. History shows that computer and information technology were big trends, but mobile technology is even bigger because mobile has a greater impact on how we communicate and receive information. Now, wearable technology is going one step ahead of mobile technology. It is completely changing the communication trends. By looking at the way wearable technology is changing the process of communication, it is safe to assume that wearable technology will be as big as mobile. The top 5 reasons behind this assumption are:

1. End to End Communication

The main objective of wearable devices is to simplify communication. Most of the wearable devices are hands free and voice enabled. Like a few voice enabled features of mobile phones; users can communicate through voice command in wearable gadgets without touching the device. It is very difficult to say whether wearable devices will replace smartphones, but in most cases wearables will win over mobiles. Wearable devices provide more flexibility in communication than mobile devices.

2. Machine to Machine Communication

The beauty of wearable technology is its capability of device to device (machine to machine) communication. Wearable devices are not being used only for user communication, but also for machine to machine communication. Many companies are working on wearables which can be used to control other systems. It can communicate with systems like cars, mobiles, etc. through
applications. For example, Tesla command app will enable controlling luxury electric cars with an Android Wear smartwatch. Similarly, in the near future, many wearable device based apps will be developed to enable communication with other systems. For example, communication between home appliances and wearable devices.

3. Business Oriented

Wearable devices are not just for wearing. It is a concept to bring technology on wearables to revolutionize industries. Tech companies are targeting wearables to change the way we do the things. Many industries are using wearables to do things in a better manner. For example, retail industry, consumers and business are using Google Glass for a better shopping experience. Other industries like healthcare, education, real estate are using Google Glass for various purposes to make things easier for users.

4. Easy Way to Search and Share Information

The most attractive part of wearable devices is its way of showing information. Like mobile phones, wearables do not need buttons to receive a call or search information. These are developed for hand free operations and work on voice commands. They not only provide information, but also display
the information in front of your eyes like computers. For example, through Google Glass you can perform things like making calls, recording videos, sending messages and more just by saying “Ok Glass” followed by the action item.

This capability of wearable is beneficial not only for consumers but also for businesses.

5. Easier and Flexible to Adopt

The most fascinating thing about wearable devices is its ease of use. We are already habituated to devices like watches, glasses, clothes, etc. These devices do not need to be carried separately or to be picked up and put down like mobile phones or laptops while performing tasks. In wearable
technology, the gadgets allow the tasks to be performed through voice command. This hands free capability of wearable devices will make it more adaptable than other devices like mobiles in the near future.

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