Aug 28, 2014

Isn’t it quite embarrassing when we are in any critical situation or any mishappening occurs we cannot actually communicate with our family and friends. Mobile has changed the way we communicate with each other in a smarter way but is not quite effective when we are in any critical situation as its operation is easily noticeable by other person. Companies are targeting wearable devices to help you connect to your known contacts easily and quickly in any life-threatening situation.

The most fascinating thing about wearable device is that it can be utilized in dual purpose. Firstly it can fulfil your first objective like you can wear it as a jewellery item like ring, watch, or in the form of other wearables and secondly it can be used as device to perform a specific task.

Although many mobile apps have already been developed which help people notify friends and family during emergencies but companies are trying to connect mobile app to wearable devices to make it even easier for them to call for the help.

For example, from a recent news source, React Mobile a Seattle-based company has launched React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with free React mobile apps and lets users send a widespread emergency email or text message just by pressing a button.

This will not only send but also post a message to your Facebook and Twitter accounts that you’re in a dangerous situation and share your location with them.

The purpose of creating this device is to simplify the mode of communication via sending alerts and hence eliminate the need to find and unlock your phone to call for help. In case of emergency, simply click the Sidekick Button to send out a widespread panic alert to a group of your trusted contacts.

There are many companies that are working on various solutions to simplify the technique of sending alert messaging in any critical situation. This device can be helpful to consumers in many ways.

In Battle Field

This solution will be very useful for armed force men. They can use this device to send alert messages whenever they are in any war like situation. Sometimes it happens that army men, in battle field, are not able to communicate and share their exact location to their contacts. In that case army men who get caught in any life threatening situation can easily send message alerts and share their exact location with their main control source.

In Travelling

Sometimes it happens that we travel alone and suddenly we met with an accident on the way where we somehow cannot manage to use hands to operate our phone. In that situation this device can be of great help to the users as by just simple use of press button you can inform your family and friends that he/she is in a critical situation.

Better Parenting

Sometimes parents leave their child alone at home. In this situation this device can help them monitor their child from anywhere anytime.

Women’s Safety

In many developing countries, women’s security is the major concern. Traveling alone is not safe for them. Such device can be helpful to them. In dangerous situation they can use such device to send alerts to their loved ones. These are the few areas where such solution can be of great help to consumers but from personal safety point of view it is helpful for everyone and we believe that wearable device will play a major role in this area.

Do you really thing that wearable tech is the future of personal safety? Please share your view in comment section.

(Omnie Solutions is an enterprise application development company providing custom web and enterprise mobile application development services to global business. Omnie Solutions has extensive experience and expertise in app development for wearable devices like Google Glass. Follow Omnie Solutions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.)


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