Aug 6, 2014

The 3D printing industry has been around since 1980’s but only recently, people are getting hang of this industry. More and more enterprises from different verticals are understanding the importance of this technology and giving its due space.

Space companies are printing aerospace parts, medical industry is printing the complicated human organs to get better understanding of the field and so on. Because industries are picking more and more on 3d printing this industry is set to grow by $3 million by 2018. It will be a remarkable growth of 76% in comparison to 2013.

However, one has to understand that this technology is not meant for all the industries. It is meant for the industries which are dealing into a B2B sector and have limited number of clients to present/sent these 3d prints too. The approx. cost of a print comes to around $160/print which is huge if compared to the normal printing.

The industries which will be hugely revolutionized by this printing are-

Defense industry

Time and mechanism is very crucial part of defense industry. 3d printing give the freedom to manufactures to create quick practical designs of the proposed machinery in order to give exact demo to the defense professionals. This printing is also helpful in creating the mock-ups as well as functional designs of the actual site to create better heads-up meeting to the soldier.

“Our Objet printer helped cut the development cycle for this new product line by approximately 25 to 40 percent, and the cost of development was reduced by two thirds.”- Bob Peterson, Senior Mechanical Engineer.

Medical industry

Time is again a very crucial factor in medical industry. With the help of 3d industry the time to market for the new innovative lifesaving devices has been reduced considerably because now the doctors as well as manufactures can come on the same page before the equipment goes into the production with the help of practical models made from Bio-compatible Materials. This industry will also revolutionize the training of the medical students because now the students can also get tanning on the 3D models.

Architecture industry

The client will have more clarity of the design. The architecture firm will also be create more complex designs which can be used to pitch for the new clients as well as be used in the in-house library. These designs will be re-useable as well as editable for the future production of the firm. The firm will save time in creating the practical model and the clients will have more visualization of the final product they are hoping to get. It will be a win-win situation for both the parties.

These are just some of the industries which are taking benefits from 3D printing. We are sure that more and more industries will get into this technology and explore the world of end-less limit.

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