Jan 24, 2014

It is official… Google is working on a project called ‘Google Smart Contact Lens’ which is intended to help diagnose the Glucose level of the human beings. However, the officials at Google have quoted that the product is currently at a very initial stage but so far is on the right track.

Wearable technology such as Google glass is already becoming an integral part of the IT world and with this new invention, technology is coming closer to human beings. As per Google, they are initiating this fight against the biggest problem of the world-Diabetes.

Diabetes affects one in 19 people across the globe and one in 12 people in the United States of America. It is difficult for all those people to check their blood sugar level after every couple of hours and this smart contact lens will be a perfect solution for all those people. Now they do not have to prick themselves but can diagnose their blood sugar levels without any blood test.

These smart lenses are being developed by the experts at Google along with some medical professionals. This specific project is being carried out at the very famous Google X labs. Besides this project, it is also to be believed that scientists at Google X Labs are also working towards the project of ‘driverless cars’ and ‘Wi-Fi transmit balloons’.

As per an official representative of Google, these contacts are equipped with wireless chips and a glucose sensor. The final contact lens is the sandwich of two lenses which will have zero irritation on the eye of the user. It will be like any other ordinary lens available in the market. This lens is capable of measuring blood sugar level once per second.

Google is also trying hard to put LED lights inside the lenses that would flash the user with a warning when the blood sugar level will rise too low or high. The wireless antenna which Google is intended to put inside the smart lens is thinner than a human hair.

At this initial stage, Google is not able to comment on all the features that this lens will be equipped with. However, they are certain that this lens will be a game changer and people would soon be switching to this lens once it is launched in the market. It is needless to say that this lens would be connected to your smartphone, wearable devices etc. where it will send you the message with the status of your current blood sugar level.

Currently this lens consists of an antenna, rectifier and a small glucose sensor.

While excited about their prototype, Google warned that there is still a lot more work that needs to be done before it could be turned into a useable product.


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