Jan 20, 2014

Finally we are in 2014! We all have made our resolutions and hopefully we are going strong about it. Looking back, we see so many things which have changes our life in last one year. Certainly, technology played a very vital role in that.

So to give tribute to the technology which has changed out life for better, we have shortlisted the predicted trends which will make their way in our life in 2014. They are-

1. Wearable Devices

Enough has been speculated about wearable devices but the reality is that everyone wants one and they will have it in 2014. Google is very aggressive about making the Google glass a regular gear and with the latest features they are offering, we are sure that Google glass will be a huge hit in 2014. It will become part of an essential technology.

2. Smartphones will be bigger and curved

Smartphones will be bigger yes, you heard us right! They will be bigger and more curved. People are becoming so use to using their smartphone that they want bigger screen in order to enhance the quality of their work and mobile companies will willingly accommodate this request from them.

3. Mobile money will grow

2014 will be marked as the revolution year for mobile money because online shopping will be taken over by mobile shopping. PayPal has already said that in 2013 they have seen 36% growth in mobile transactions. This percentage will increase manifolds in 2014 and people will be opting for mobile money.

4. Expansion of technology in the healthcare sector

Healthcare sector was considered as a traditional sector well, not any more. We will see the transformation of traditional healthcare sector into the hi-tech well organized healthcare management. Hospitals will be investing more on centralized data procurement and mobile apps. More and more tech companies are evolving in to create solution for better healthcare. For example, recently Google announced smart' contact lenses that monitor glucose levels.  

5. Mobile fitness will be the next ‘In’ thing

More and more people will be relying on their mobile for tracking their fitness goals and marking their progress. These apps will not only be focusing on the one part but they will offer the whole solution for the fitness. These apps will be game changer and they are likely to give very tough competition to gym’s and nutrition’s.

6. Augmented reality will be seen everywhere

We will see the unimaginable expansion of augmented reality in 2014. Every industry will be incorporating augmented reality towards their business expansion. There will be apps, devices, technologies which will use augmented reality in order to give their customer the best experience possible. For your better understanding, read this news: Omnie Solutions implements Asia's first 3D Digital Sand Model Solution for better border monitoring.    

All in all, the bottom line is that 2014 will be a year which will be full of technology and new devices. People will be more dependent on technology and mobile application development will be at its peak.


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