Dec 5, 2013

Every company is using cloud services these days. Initially market was not very keen towards cloud computing but it seems that cloud computing is here to stay. Rather, it will be better to say that it is here to stay for long. We all have read and heard enough about the advantages of cloud computing and of course got use to them as well but there are so many verticals of cloud computing which is yet unexplored.

Social media is an unmapped side of cloud computing. We all don’t even know that we use cloud computing on daily basis when we use our social media channels and apps to send messages, chat with our friends, send pictures and locations etc. Now, when we know that we have been using cloud computing, it looks more promising to us, isn’t?

It will be wise to say that social media actually runs on the cloud. All the social media functions we perform, they use cloud to complete that action. Like when we post a photograph on Facebook it goes on cloud, when we upload a video on YouTube it goes on the cloud, when you send message to your office colleague on LinkedIn it goes on cloud.

Some of the basic advantages of using a cloud server for social media are:

  • Real-time updates
  • Mobility in receiving and sending information
  • 24x7 connectivity
  • Secured data and information

Technically social media will not at all be that exiting if we eliminate all the functions which cloud performs from the social media. We all love social media because of the features provided by the cloud server.

The storage of social cloud would not have been possible without the dynamic infrastructure of the clouds. Now lot of public places are using your Facebook login as the check point. They are not using their own login system and trying to bring everything under one umbrella. Recently, even the Airport authority of Canada has started giving the access of Wi-Fi with the personal login of your Facebook. This way they are not only checking your identity but also saving a lot of time of the user by not compiling him to create a new login.

The concept of social media works on the interpersonal relationships which has been with the users over number of years. It is very important for the cloud server to protect the integrity of the communication otherwise the user will not like to converse with their friends and family over social media websites. Now, cloud servers are offering lots of enhanced security mediums in order to make sure that nobody can compromise the security of the cloud server.

If we consider all the above said points, we can certainly say that the essence of social media will be lost if we forgo the cloud computing.

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