Dec 10, 2013

An Expression of Love- to show that We Care!

Once Alan D. Wolfelt said – “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” Omnie decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in a unique way by organizing an event called “Table of Love”. It is common knowledge that food has the power to unite people together in a strong bond. This event was just an expression of our love and a token of gratitude to each member of the Omnie family.

On December 2nd, 2013, Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd organized an event called – Table of Love where selected female team members (those who had participated) of Omnie family cooked something at home  especially for their colleagues and brought it to office. It was a fun event and more importantly, a competition where we asked for “blind tasting” of the dishes which were a part of the lavishly spread out cuisine. Each and every member of the Omnie family was supposed to vote for the 3 most delicious items in the extravagant menu. From Angoori Rasmalayi to Idli Sambar. From Litti Chokha to Mushroom Korma or an authentic Multani dish, Sarhadi Multani Khoya. Girls had made different cuisines from different states of India. The efforts put in by the participants was incredible and highly commendable. 

This activity was carried out to increase the team spirit of the Omnie family and to express the love we feel for each other. For this simple reason, the event was called “Table of Love”. Girls grabbed this opportunity with both hands and took it as the perfect day to showcase their culinary skills. The event commenced at 3 P.M. in the Omnie cafeteria, with each mouthwatering and delicious dish displayed on the table. Volunteers ensured that everyone got just enough food so that they could judge the taste of the dish. A menu card mentioning the name of each dish was placed in front of the item and all the people present in office were asked to mark the 3 most favorite recipes of the day in that menu card itself. The terms and conditions of the competition warranted that the participants do not disclose the names of their dish to anyone. Dishes with the maximum votes were elected winners and were given exciting cash prizes of Rs. 7000, 5000 and 3000 for the first, second and third positions respectively. The creator of the best dish was also awarded the Apron with the words “Omnie Chef” inscribed on it.  

While the “Angoori Rasmalai”, prepared by – Nidhi Maheshwari was adjudged the winner, the “Chatakakedar Chatpatte Chole” prepared by Sudipta Dey and the “Badam Halwa” prepared by Sayali Shah won the second and third place respectively. All the other dishes were also a delight for our taste buds and the Omnie family really thanked the participants from the bottom of their hearts. Creating this magical experience would have been impossible without everyone’s much valued efforts. Moreover, girls who had participated in this event even got Rs. 1000 each as token of appreciation for their efforts. Our grand menu list included – 

Even though everyone had their lunch during their lunch hours, yet they enjoyed their “Plate of Love” with everyone. It was indeed a special moment for all of us, as everyone treasured the gratitude of love they had received from each other. This Table of Love was such a success that we have decided to organize many such events and activities in future. This event was not just the best way to showcase your culinary talents but to show that when a woman cooks a meal for her family, she ensures that her dish is garnished with a special ingredient called “love” which makes the dish extra special. 

We would like to conclude by saying that “People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Juila Child


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