Dec 30, 2013

Every business irrespective of their size needs to promote themselves. Without advertisement it is difficult for the enterprises to survive because it is important for them to stay connected with their customers and give them information’s about their product and services.

In earlier times, print advertisement was the best way. Slowly and gradually television advertisement made its way in our life. Currently digital advertisement is the talk of the world and enterprises are shifting their focus on mobile applications and mobile websites.

Almost every business can take benefit from mobile application because this is the only way to be connected with your consumers round the clock. Some of the industries which can take huge benefits from mobile apps are:


This is a very consumer based category and the companies which are dealing in this sector are regularly launching new and better products in the market. The competition is intense in this segment. With the help of mobile application, these companies can always stay connected with their consumers and send them new updates etc.

Live example application- Evernote Food


Mobile applications are creating a boom in the healthcare segment. Lots of hospitals are signing up for the mobile applications because it gives them the opportunity to be connected with their patients. Even the patients like to have an app of hospital handy because they are able to get in touch with their doctor, hospitals etc. in case of emergencies.

Live example application- Catamaran

Fashion brands/clothing brands

Now who does not know that fashion brands regularly launch their new collection in order to serve best and up-to-date clothing line to their consumers. Mobile application can help the fashion brands to send latest tips to their customers and indirectly sell their products.

Live example application- ZARA

IT industries

There is no better way for technology companies to show their work through a unique mobile application. They can showcase their previous work and other dynamic ideas through mobile application perfectly. Even lots of IT companies are making mobile applications in order to serve their customers and grab new markets.

Live example application- Accenture

TV Channels

Yes, TV channels can take huge benefits from mobile applications. The users can check out the movie schedule on the go, set the reminders for their favorite shows, check out the latest videos of the shows etc. The possibilities for the TV channels and mobile applications are endless.

Live example application- USA TV

Travel companies

Lots of people book their tickets online while they are driving, eating lunch etc. A handy mobile application from a travel agency will help them to do their booking online hassle-free. What more, they can even talk to the travel agent with a call to action feature available in the smart phone.

Live example application- Bravofly flights

The list is endless because almost every business can take benefit from mobile applications. The best advantage which a mobile application can give you is round the clock connectivity with your customer. Unlike the websites, the server of mobile application are never down and there is no need to load them every time. They are available in your smartphone, you can use them anytime.


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