Nov 25, 2013

Small business owners often find themselves in the flux with the decision to hire more staff or outsource their project. Hiring a right kind of talent for your business can actually be a very daunting task. Most of the time, it happens that you need especially skilled people for a project or two only. You do not wish to hire them on your company’s payroll.

Resource augmentation can be a solution to this problem. With this process you can actually hire very skilled professional for any duration of time you want. They will not be on your company’s payroll and there are no additional liabilities which you need to take over your company while hiring them on temporary basis. There is on minimum duration of the contract, you can hire an employee for 1 day as well.

It is most beneficial when the enterprises have to deliver a large scale project on a tight deadline. In such scenario, staff augmentation can be the best option available. The enterprises can pick the hours as well as number of people they want to hire on temporary basis. These people are fully supported by the back-end of their original office and they know how to juggle between the resources and get the best inputs from them within the limited time and budget constrain. By properly understanding the benefits of resource augmentation, a company can be equipped with the best IT staff in the industry and with no overheads or liability on their head.

Some of the major advantages of staff augmentation are:

No hiring hassles

The enterprises do not have to invest their time as well as money in the hiring process, they just have to select people from the boutique of the IT Company. They do not have to wait for the notice period of the employee, the retirement benefits etc.

In resource augmentation, the enterprises just have to give their requirement to the IT Company and they give them people as per their requirement.

Cost effective solution

Technically you are only paying to the employees till the time they are working on your project. There is no need for the company to pay these consultant round the year nor do they pay for their vacations and medical bills. These consultant are the liability of the IT Company and they seek all their benefits from them but still they work for you.

Unlimited availability of the resources

This type of structure gives you an opportunity to hire unlimited number of resources for any length of duration you want. The companies can also pick different resources at different level of their project. These resources will exclusively work on their project and will be available to give you the answers of their query on 24x7 basis.

These all are just some of the advantages of resource augmentation. More and more companies are looking at this solution in order to maximize their resources and minimize the cost and long term liability.


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