Nov 8, 2013

At times, when we look back we see that twenty years back the life was too simple because we had no gadgets. But now, we are surrounded by the gadgets which are becoming smarter by the day and they are simplifying our life so much.

Earlier there were telephones, then cordless, then pagers, then mobile and then came our very beloved smartphone which swamped the market. Now, there is hardly anyone who does not have a smartphone. From our morning alarm to the reminder of our evening dose; everywhere our smartphone is playing a very vital role.

Now, the new era of revolution is starting with Samsung’s I’m watch. It’s a watch which has great potential and will eventually turn market in its favor. Although, some similar products were available in the market but as per the developers of I’m a watch-it is the first true smart watch.

Of course, there are some features which are unique in I’m watch such as it’s not just an extension of your smart phone like other products available in the market. While there’s a call on your smart phone I’m watch enables you to answer or reject a respective call, it just does not displays the notification which is the case with all the watches in the same segment.

This product of Samsung run’s with Bluetooth and it is very easily compatible with Android and iOS.
This device is also connected with the social media apps such as FB and I’m tweet. One can just update their status without using a smartphone.

Some of the amazing things about I’m are:

  • You are always connected with the put world
  • It also performs as a hand free while driving
  • You can sync all your music in your wrist gear
  • It is available in elegant seven different colors and designs
  • Lots of useful applications are available

I’m watch was well received in Mobile World Congress 2013 which took place in Barcelona in February. The usability was not at all an issue because the product is very use friendly and it is not barged with overly complicated buttons and bulky features. It’s a very smart watch which can be used for performing different routine task with great connivance.

It will be really interesting to see how the other prominent players of the market will deal with this or will they also come up with some products on the same line. For sure, google is planning to launch something similar. We hope to see some amazing products in near future which can also be substitute as innovative enterprise solutions and can open new door for mobile app development companies.


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