Nov 1, 2013

Diwali is the biggest festival of India, it is celebrated with lighting diyas, firing crackers, distributing sweets and wishing good health and wealth to near and dear one’s. It is celebrated in honor of lord Rama’s return to his hometown after gaining victory on evil Ravana.

Omnie Solutions is a one big family where every member of the family displays his own unique culture. In Omnie, we have our colleagues from Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Patna, Punjab, Kolkata, Bihar, Uttarakhand and so on. We respect each and every culture in office and celebrate all of them with great pomp-and-show.

The celebrations of Diwali started in Omnie Solutions two weeks before the Diwali (Yes, it is true!!) and the spirit of the celebrations was in the air. The building of the office was lit with innumerous lights of red, blue, green and yellow colors. It was looking so beautiful that people were clicking pictures to set an example.

Like we celebrate all the function in our home with our family members, here in office we celebrate all those festivals with our extended family-Our friends-Our colleagues. As a part of two week celebrations, lunch was organized by the company for all the Omniehite’s. Every day some new cuisine came as a lunch in the office. North-Indian, South-Indian, Chinese, fast food etc. cuisines were available in our menu. We all ate together in our cafeteria and shared a bond which is not easy to break.

In the second week, evening snacks were organized for all the Omniehite’s. From Kauchori to croissant, burger to pastries everything was presented. The whole office was buzzing in the spirit and there was a spark on everyone’s face. Omniehite’s together also decorated a wonderful Rangoli on the entrance Omnie Solutions and it was so pretty. However, more pretty was the togetherness which was shown by everyone while making a Rangoli. They were splashing colors on Rangoli as well as on each other. And in the end, we got a beautiful Rangoli!

This is the kind of culture we have at Omnie solutions, everybody here work as a team and they always stand-by each other no matter what. Together we grow-we beat deadlines-we win!!


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