Oct 28, 2013

Every IT company is buzzing about the advantages as well as future of cloud computing services and its enabling technologies and indeed it looks very revolutionary. It is giving the benefit to all the IT companies who are providing innovative solutions to other enterprises.

What is cloud computing?

Every enterprise is asking the same question…..What is cloud computing? What can it do for the business encroachment? Well with cloud computing the enterprises can focus on their business without being hassled by the regular IT department needs.

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With the innovative solution which are offered by cloud computing, the enterprises do not need to think about the critical important business areas like data security, infrastructure investment, regular updating of the machines etc. They can now hire a company who can do it all for them at a very minimal monthly cost.

Some of the basic advantages of cloud computing are:

  • Excellent integration of web services.
  • No prerequisite to install the software as well as hardware in the office premises.
  • Faster growth without any major investment.
  • Regular support and application customization as per the requirement.
  • Automatic updates and regular application up gradation.

Infrastructure of cloud computing

Infrastructure of cloud computing is very promising, it saves a lot of administrative cost. Cloud computing services almost cost half to what the regular IT staff would cost to an enterprise. More so, the prompt support from the companies providing cloud computing services saves a lot of effective time of the patrons. Some of the major areas where cloud computing saves the cost for an enterprise are:

  • Customization of all the application on the server as per the need of an enterprises.
  • Easy and real-time reporting. The patrons can easily download the real-time data from the servers in order to get a live updates.
  • There is no additional cost for the security of the data. All the companies providing cloud computing services are well-equipped to provide enhanced security measures to their client with a robust data back-up system.
  • Most of the servers provide multi-lingual support in order to have a global support for the application.

The future of cloud computing services

The future of cloud computing service is very bright because every enterprises are looking for the solution to expand themselves on global platform while investing minimum on their infrastructure. As per the recent survey conducted by Market Monitor, the cloud enabling technologies will grow from $10.6 billion to $22.6 billion by 2016. It is significant to mention that it will be a compound annual growth of 21% which is huge.

                                                  image source: Market Monitor

Some other services such as Cloud-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service etc. are also gaining popularity among the small enterprises. As per CAGR, cloud security technology will have the greatest growth rate and it will grow by 29% till 2016.

If we look at the above given figures and market predictions one can certainly say that cloud computing service providers are for sure looking at a great feature. They will be the trend setters who will be enhancing the way for technologies for generations. We hope to see some of the amazing new cloud computing features in next couple of years!


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