Oct 8, 2013

There is no doubt that HTML5 is becoming favorite of the market. Developers, companies as well as service providers are opting for HTML5. So, yes perhaps we can say that HTML5 will be the future of web development. And it is here to stay for a long time indeed.

HTML5 has many new features such as <video>, <audio>, <canvas> etc. which can be integrated with SVG content. Due to all these elements it is very easy to integrate multimedia and graphical content to web without using any third party plug-in.

Some of the other advantages of HTML5, are-


Web world is continuously changing. Now websites do not only give information to the user they also require to engage the user as well. To achieve this purpose, developers now have to use fluid animations, play music on the background, steam live video’s etc. on the website. Until recently, they had only one option to integrate their site with the help of flash, JavaScript or flex. But all these tools take so much time to get developed and also increase the complexity of the website. But now with the help of HTML5 one can do so much with the website such as- embed video and audio, high quality drawings, charts and animations without using any third party plug-ins.

Enhanced semantics

With HTML5, one can see the clear coding on the page and the values of headers and footers are clearly understandable. Because the codes are very standardized, it is easy for a lay man to also understand the back-end page and change the values, if required.


HTML5 brings greater consistency to the website. This feature helps great deal to all the designers and developers because they can immediately understand the structure of the web page and can develop it further.

Better storage system

This is one of the best feature of HTML5. It’s kind of a mix between the regular old cookies and database of client side. However, it is certainly better than cookies because it allows for storage across several windows. It is a secured medium which will persevere data even after the browser is closed.

When you are able to store data in the browser of the user, you can easily create apps features like-storing user information, loading previous state of the application etc.

Development of games

Yes, you heard it right. You can develop games with HTML5 using <canvas> tag. This platform provides great way to develop games which are also mobile friendly. They are also easier to build, in comparison to flash games and take way less time to get developed.

Development of mobile website

Creating a mobile friendly website is very easy on HTML5 platform. It is a customized tool which can develop apps and websites without taking too much time. As we all know mobile flash has been discontinued by Adobe, one can certainly use HTML5 for the mobile application development.


Now all you have to write is <doctype>, nothing less nothing more. Now there are no long line of unreadable codes, no more non-understandable head tags etc. You can simply put the above said value on your backend, and you are done. Besides being simple, the best part about this is that it is readable by all the browsers.

If we consider all the above said points, we certainly be able to say that HTML5 can be the future of the market. It is offering all the best things to the developers as well as to enterprises.


  1. Yes You are right admin
    HTML5 is the next generation and fifth version of HTML technology for content-rich website development.HTML5 is the latest addition to the World Wide Web.


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