Dec 8, 2011

Google keeps on making changes in its search algorithm. It always tries to provide better quality content to its users in the search results. Those sites are being targeted who try to use duplicate content from content hosting sites and post them on their own article directories.

Google has already decided to undervalue that content which is of low quality i.e. in a case wherein the title of article is entirely different from the content body. Such articles with copied content are later submitted to many other article directories to get back-links. The automatic article submission is one of the black hat SEO techniques. Google recently has launched Blacklist extension of Chrome, which can help users to block the websites, which are worthless. Such a tool has already been started and proved results to 84% of sites.

EzineArticles or HubPages which are considered one of the prime article directories have already been affected by it. The fake content writers try to copy the content from such reputed sites and later try to publish this duplicate content to 100s of other article directories. With the result EzineArticles has already made changes in its submission requirements which include article length change and many others. It is believed that in recent times due to such content farms the article directories in order to compete and prevent themselves from shutting off their services will approve only the unique rich content. They might stop accepting the content which is already submitted in any other relevant article directory. It means no two article directories will have the same article content posted.

In a recent press release launched by Matt Cuts, this was mentioned very clearly that searchers will give preference to only those websites who own original content rather than those who copy content from other sites. Google has announced that only legitimate back links towards a website will hold importance and not improper links created by website owner who purpose is only to improve their own rank.

With such changes being done in algorithm the interactive marketing techniques have also to be changed. It may happen in future that submission into article directories will not hold enough importance and new search engine optimization techniques might have to be developed in order to get quality back-links.

In short it is believed that the future of article marketing will only be submitting unique and informative content to only the highest quality article sites.


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