Dec 15, 2011

Green Technology is known as the environmental and clean technology. It is basically the integration of modern technology and environmental science which preserves the global environment and its resources.

It is still in its developmental stage and is still to take up its way into the market which has already been dominated by other products and services.

The concept of Green Technology is very much revolutionary and it addresses all environmental needs of today. It uses more efficient technology systems that require less energy and produce less waste.

The introduction of "Save the Planet" mission has brought in great development and researches in technologies. Green Technology is considered the new and next generation of our society as it is not worth to use those technologies which create bad side effects on us. Greentech is one of the best things to be used instead of the conventional technologies. Main motive behind using them is to promote recycling and using reusable products. Humans feel better if the waste and pollution reduction is done properly.

The various types of Green Technology are as follows:

• Power - Fossil fuels, oil production are considered one of the traditional ways of power generation. This can bring in lots of pollution. The conventional methods of power generation are the basic cause of air pollution that is dragging our planet to global warming.

• Construction of Buildings - The construction and design of buildings should be as such to preserve the natural resources.

• Developing Techniques- This green technology believes to develop techniques which are safe to the environment and are not pollution prone.

It is the duty of every living being on this planet to keep it clean and pollution free and go for best way for the future. So it becomes our responsibility to take care of earth and try to protect it. In the green technology sector, many businesses technologies are trying to revamp its facilities to comply with this new approach to save energy. It simply means to install energy efficient light fixtures to be put on the solar panel system.
Every developed or developing country is trying to find the best eco-friendly options whenever one thinks of conducting business. Changing to green technology simply is the important reason behind it as we are running out of oil. If oil reservoirs are empty then we will have to switch to other modes of generating energy and hence power. If you want to sustain here on this planet for many many years then adopting the Green technology techniques is the best way out.

It was recently published in a news website that there are top 20 schools that purchase nearly 113 million (kWh) of green power each year, try to use most green energy. Out of them the top three top schools and universities are located in California. These Green Power partners buy more than 17 billion kWh of green power each and every year. This is very much equivalent to power almost 1.7 million homes every year.


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