Dec 26, 2011

Everyone wants to come on the search engines ranking to get valuable customers and to enhance companies brand image locally or globally but getting these ranking is are not easy task. search engine consulting companies keep a strict eye on those emerging changes. 

Companies hire SEO consulting companies to bring their website on the search engine’s first page. Only real SEO companies knows how to bring websites on search engines result page because all the search engines update their algorithms for providing ranking on search result page and genuine

Below I had mentioned predicted emerging search engines factors -

Website with Genuine Content: Every website must have genuine and original content on the website, now it’s mandatory for the webmasters to have original content on the website pages. It is advisable to keep original content on the website to get better search engine’s ranking.

Fresh Content or Updated Content: It’s another green signal for the websites to come on to the search engines ranking because if you have fresh or regular updated content search engines noticed those pages. Search engines consider such pages valuable and take idea that company is in active mode so keep updated your site content in a regular basis.

Site Authority Signals: It’s another high concerning area where you have to think about it if you don’t have such site authority signals on your websites. Search engines looks for authority signals like – copyright information, author tag, human.txt, terms and conditions, privacy policy and company physical address with phone numbers.

Page Download Time: Quick responsive websites works better with users because they serve pages quickly to them. In our traditional business market everyone wants quick services then why not people expect quick response online. In a scenario where page takes much time to download, users get frustrated and switch to another website. Because of this now search engines add this as an important search engines ranking factor. If your website takes much time to download start work on this problem and reduce page download time.

Target Nice Market: If you are offering many services and facing problem to achieve big then try your hands in nice service. Example – Suppose you deal in insurance sector and offers – health insurance, car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance and running a single website for all the services so it’s better now to create individual site for each insurance you offer rather than having a single website for all the services.
High Click through Rate:  Now CTR is going to be an important factor for search engine’s ranking because it gives right signal to search engines to understand how important your website is for visitors. If you had achieved good ranking on search engines but users are not clicking on your search engine listing it goes negative and search engines can decrease your keyword ranking. Google webmaster tools now gives you clear picture of CTR so track your CTR rate and worked on the page where CTR is low.

Low Bounce Rate: Your website bounce rate is another search engine’s ranking factor because any search engines don’t want to rank those websites where users do not stay. Track your user’s activity on your traffic analysis tool to lower your website page’s bounce rate.

Broad Web Presence: You have to work on each area to show your broad web presence like presence on local sites, presence on video channels, image sharing websites, news and public relation websites and social networking channels. It creates positive references from all the online sources. Example – Google Plus, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and LinkedIn are useful sources to create your broader web presence.

High Quality Links: High Quality links are still strong factor to gain search engines ranking, create as many as possible high quality links from your industry verticals. Example – Link exchange from industry sites, article marketing, industry blog are good sources to collect high quality links.

Hopefully things are much clear to improve your search engine optimization process or internet marketing strategy.


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