Dec 7, 2011

We all know that a picture says more than words and this is the reason behind YouTube success story. YouTube gets approx 25 million unique visitors every week why because people like to feel the message by watching and listening. If you are running a business and want to spread awareness Video marketing is the best tool to opt. There are numerous video hosting websites available where users find the information including YouTube, MetaCafe and Vimeo. Below I have mentioned the phases to create and run an effective video marketing campaign -

Campaign Planning and Strategy

It's an important phase because it gives base to your video marketing campaign. One has to decide, what exact message you want to convey to your visitors. It depends on you whether you just want to give your visitors general information about the company or any specific information like services or products.

Draft Content Based on your Planning and Strategy

Once you decide upon which valuable information is to be conveyed to the visitor then the next step would be to ask your content development team to create unique & informative content. If you want to add the visual effect to your content then assign this task to your graphic designing team. Most importantly the content write-up which is to be published should have the link of your company so as to redirect the users to the main site.

Create a Non Commercial but Informative Video

Once the draft content is ready. Next option would be to create a video with images and also with background sound but keep a note of it that the information behind the content drafted should be properly conveyed to the audience. It is considered one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do video marketing because here Video recording can be done with the help of digital camera or any flip cam and the created video can be edited easily with the help of video editing software.

Choose a Platform or Platforms to Host your Video

Everyone wants to market their products where huge customers are available and in case of video marketing YouTube is the right channel to market your video. MetaCafe, Google and Yahoo video are other good video sharing website where you can promote your site.

Video Optimization and Communication with Followers

Once your content is ready you have submitted your video to video hosting website or websites try to optimize it by writing the best suited title for the video listing page, video description should be proper and precise as per the theme and URL name should be customized if the URL facility is available. Try to get reviews from other users and reply them back with thank you message. This optimization technique will definitely help to make your video URL look search engine friendly and there is a chance to get your video listed in top search results.

Measuring Success

Last but not the least track your campaign success in your analytics account, check your how many views you have, who sharing your videos with other users, how many reviews you have received on daily basis.

The above video marketing techniques if duly adopted will successfully help to promote your video marketing campaign which in turn will help in the online promotion of your website.


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