Dec 30, 2015

It seems weird but it is totally real. A Canadian company named Vitality Air is selling fresh mountain air to its Chinese customers. The business which has been in existence since over a year, is being run by two entrepreneurs from Alberta. However, over the last two weeks, sales have increased drastically soon after Beijing issued its first ever air pollution red alert in early December. The Beijing authority issued a red alert when PM2.5 levels - minute dangerous airborne particles exceeded its limit of 500 to 900 micrograms per cubic metre. The highest warning in the new air purity system.
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The same dreadful situation is arising in other part of the countries too. India, unfortunately is amongst the world’s top 5 polluting countries. As a result government bodies in Delhi, India are taking radical steps to control the alarming pollution in Delhi. Starting 1st January 2016, the number of vehicles on the roads will be restricted for two weeks i.e. From January 1 to 15, those driving cars with license plates ending with an even number will only be allowed on the roads on even-numbered dates. Similarly, odd number will only be allowed on the roads on odd -numbered dates. A same policy is already being followed in Beijing.
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The dire situation is that the poisonous air is gradually trapping the whole world. 

But the air in China has crossed an alarming level. It is so hazardous to health that government authorities recommended to elders and children must stay inside the homes, while schools are closed and citizens are advised against walking outside for a long time. Those who did step out are warned to wear masks.

The below video shows the polluted air in Beijing - 

In order to cash in on this opportunity, Moses Lam and Troy Paquette, co-founders of Vitality Air shipped fresh mountain air to china from Canada. They travelled to the high Rocky Mountain town of Banff, western Canada for fresh air. He said "We're dealing with fresh air, we want it to be fresh and we don't want to run it through machines which are oiled and greased." Hence, each bottle of fresh air is filled by hand and then shipped thousands of miles. The first shipment is of 500 bottles to china sold out within two weeks.  
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Vitality Air co-founder Moses Lam says he got an idea of selling fresh air when he came to know about the air quality of china. Hence In 2014, Paquette and Lam went Rocky Mountains and compressed as much air as possible in an air tight bag, and listed on eBay as a hoax, which sold for 99 cents. He added, "We wanted to do something fun and disruptive so we decided to see if we could sell air." so they took a second chance and got tremendous results. Their second bag was sold for $168 and it was then that this fun activity turned into a successful business venture. The task is not easy, as they have to fill each bottle with bare hands which is very laborious.

But the growing orders have been a surprise for him. Lam says, many of his friends and relatives initially mocked the idea of selling air but his parents supported him. They advised him not to quit the day time bank job in Canada and at present Lam is managing both the jobs simultaneously.

According to Telegraph, Vitality Air sold a single can for $14 and double pack of can for $43, where a can consists of 150 sprays. The Vitality Air bottle is so expensive that a man can buy 50 water bottle in return of 1 can while the rates are fixed and no bargaining is allowed. Mostly the elite class and affluent women buy the cans for their relatives for personal use and to be given out as gifts. In addition to this, vitality air is also trending among the restaurants and night clubs.

After the first shipment of 500 bottles to china sold out in less than 15 days, there are 4,000 more in the pipeline. Lam says, enthusiasm is increasing following user’s feedback on the company’s customer testimonial page. A few of the testimonials on the website are certainly amazing to read. Indeed the business is growing and many such absurd solutions will soon be seen in the market. 

On evaluating these frightful situations prevailing in the whole world, it seems that in the near future, people may use fresh air connection in offices, hospitals and restaurants just like the gas line connections to intake fresh air. Let us hope, pray and take active measures so that China and other countries like India soon solve the problem of unhealthy air and make easy for its citizens to live a healthy and long life. 


  1. I feel we are in loop because from where we have started, we are moving towards the same point.

    We are polluting our nature and nature will never allow us to do that.

  2. Yes after watching the present prevailing conditions we can say one day offices, hospitals and restaurants may require the frsh air connection for its people.


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