Oct 28, 2015

What could be better than this for any of us .e.g. a fun filled, exciting, fresh & healthy recipe competition in the office which is an endeavour towards adopting a fit lifestyle! Yes to add a fun and excitement to the fitness drive (inspiring initiative of mini marathon by Omnie Solutions) HR team kicked off the event by the commencement of  “You are what you eat – healthy recipe competition” on Saturday 10th October 2015.  By challenging all team members to come up with  healthy and nutritious recipes. The excitement geared among all more, when we came to know that Recipes which are submitted by the participants will be consolidated in a “You are what you eat recipe cook book” and the same will be shared with the Omnie people. It was really an exciting contest for all of us.

It was not only the competition but a vigorous event encouraging all of us to enhance our culinary skillset with a healthy drive. And also to relate it with the marathon  and health awareness month i.e. October. Undoubtedly number of members actively participated  & followed the guidelines.
Here goes the  set of guidelines for ‘You are what you Eat- Healthy Recipe Competition’ that were
followed during the competition:

1.  Use of fruits and/or vegetables in the recipes would be highly recommended. 
2. Recipes must include a complete list of ingredients with accurate measurements.
3. Recipes need to have  complete step-by-step directions for preparation and   cooking times  and temperature, etc.
4. Recipes (inclusive of grain products) must use whole grain products (rice, pasta, bread, etc.).
5. Recipes (made with  dairy, sauces) must use reduced fat products.
6. Recipes (prepared with  soups, spices and sauces  must use reduced sodium options. Salt products may be used in acceptable quantities.

The  photos of  entire cooking and preparation process  surely added an extra advantage in winning the competition. The participants were invited to include photos e.g. shopping for ingredients at local farmer’s market,  the preparation and cooking process of  the finished product.
So keeping all the above instructions in mind, participants appeared with wonderful, exciting and healthy recipes. 

I remember once the competition was announced, there was so much enthusiasm among the team members that even during the lunch and tea breaks everyone was discussing about the healthy recipes.  In fact, many participants  researched online about the organic foods and low fat food recipes. With the result  it increased awareness and many people learned about the advantages and benefits of it. Even many decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle and use them in their regular lives  to stay fit & fine. This initiative by HR department is really commendable and quite appreciating    similarly, every other organization can promote this healthy initiative  to make their team members aware about it and encourage them to stay fit and fine.

Finally the competition day  arrived which was on 10th October and all the participants submitted their healthy vegetarian recipes with required details and  appealing images to the HR department. Soon after the competition was over every one discussed their recipes with each other. There was so much curiosity among each of us that who is going to win the recipe contest. Lastly, 3 days after the competition the most awaited results were announced. And the lovely thing was that  not 1 but 2 winners were announced Mrs. Arti Tandon and Mr. Sushil Kumar.

Mrs. Arti shared a wholesome and healthy recipe  ‘Sprouted Moong- Vegetable Cutlets’ and the best part of the other winner Mr. Sushil who sported best of his creativity by not only sharing the  recipe “Healthy Chickpea, Veggie Salad with Extra Virgin Oil’ image but also shared amazing and appealing pictures of the entire process of preparation and cooking.

Here things do not end up. I shall soon be sharing the winner’s recipe with the amazing pictures and all the other recipes with you for your yummy & healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I will also share ‘You are what you Eat-Recipe Cook Book’ once it will be ready and shared with the Omnie people. Till then eat healthy stay healthy and make a habit to add organic vegetables in your daily diet.

So, here we bring for you Omnie Solution's ‘You are what you Eat-Recipe Cook Book’ filled with nutritious and healthy recipes.


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