Feb 4, 2016

These days, machines are undoubtedly faster and more efficient than humans, and artificially intelligent machines are playing a crucial role in some of the top sectors. Artificial intelligence is also proven to be very helpful for humans as it provides an assistant to them who thinks in a precise manner.

Artificial Intelligence is emerging constantly in almost all the fields whether it is healthcare, engineering, education or science. However, there are some sectors which are the top beneficiaries of this growing technology and today I would like to cover them in this post.

In the list of top five sectors, first is Medicine. From advance laboratories to smart tools, the medical sector has seen some big transformations with Artificial Intelligence. These machines and software’s are able to understand complex patterns which are difficult for a human to understand. Though, machines cannot be said to be better than humans, their ability to identify and diagnose a problem is faster than humans.

Applications such as AiCure and Next IT are proving very helpful in keeping track of overall health of a patient and they are working as personal health advisors. 
AiCureAiCure uses facial recognition technology and keeps track of whether a person is taking the right medicine at the right time. It sends pill reminders, identifies the pill and maintains the complete record of the patient. Educational content, patient surveys, feedbacks can also be obtained by the patients.
NextITNextIT, a healthcare app is interactive and works like a health coach. It keeps track of the doses taken by a patient, does not let one miss a single dose as it keeps sending reminders and sharing the importance of having it. It shares relevant data, educates and motivates patients for taking care of their health.
IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer, Watson – A computer that is capable of providing information about the treatment that a patient should undergo to get the best results by observing his medical history and present condition. This supercomputer is a super intelligent assistant for the doctors.

Many other applications and computers are also available which are empowered by Artificial Intelligence and are changing the face of modern healthcare.

Search Engines
Search abilities of search engines have evolved dramatically over the last few years or in fact the search scenario has changed completely. In earlier days, when a user entered a query, the search engine used to look for matching words or phrases and higher priority was assigned to content with more number of similar words.

But, with the introduction of RankBrain, an artificially intelligent system, the queries entered by people first get interpreted by this system. RankBrain tries to understand the meaning of the query, identify words with similar meaning and filter the results accordingly. This makes the search intelligent and provides the most appropriate results.

RankBrain changed the method of data analysis completely. Now, the advance artificial intelligence of search engines delivers only relevant data to a search query. It also becomes very advanced in identifying irrelevant or copied data that is written forcefully just to increase the ranking of a website or page, and does not hesitate in penalizing those websites.

Robotics has come a long way, from mechanical to intelligent. Robots are also proving to be very helpful for humans in order to complete any heavy mechanical task. These days, Robots can even interact like humans. Intelligent robotic limbs are becoming very popular. These robotic limbs can connect with human brain and function like a normal body part. Trend of robotic-assisted surgery is also growing rapidly in the medical world to increase the capabilities of surgeons.

Recently developed human like robots are the new attainment of scientists, and Nadine is the most human like robot in the world. It can interact like humans, shake hands, make eye contact, and even show emotions, which is a magnificent sample of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence also changed the face of gaming. Now games have become more intelligent and interactive. This technology lets virtual creatures work intelligently, thus making the whole experience more realistic. AI has completely altered the face of gaming, the way it used to be a few years ago. So, it would not be wrong to say that gaming sector is completely revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence.

Security Systems
Safety and security are the most important requirements for any country, home, office or even social network. Tools of artificial intelligence are extremely helpful in assuring the foolproof security of any place or network. Some key areas where Artificial Intelligence is being utilized effectively are:
Data Mining
Data mining tools are helpful in finding out the information about a criminal or suspect from a large pool of data. This makes the whole task effortless and less time consuming, and also accelerates the process of investigation. E.g. Biometrics
Pattern Recognition
Pattern recognition is used in person identification and industrial inspection by using techniques like fingerprints recognition, face and voice recognition etc. This technique becomes highly successful in offices and other restricted areas where only authorized people are allowed to enter.
Image Processing
Things like obstacle detection, 3D radar image processing, sonar image processing and image analysis are key research areas in military security systems and fall under the category of image processing. 

Tools of artificial intelligence have not only made the implementation of security measures easy, but more authenticated as well. A country or company with advanced AI tools is surely more advanced and secure than the other ones. I came to know about a 3D sand model solution which enhanced border monitoring management system and real-time planning experience. A pilot project which was developed to address planning, plotting and monitoring of the borders by creating event simulation.

Artificial intelligence is evolving day by day and is becoming an important part of our lives gradually, but there is still a long way to go. Future vision of experts claim that machines will perform some important tasks for humanity in future such as better prediction of disasters, super computers giving solution to problems like poverty and weather change etc. It can be said that this is an era of machine evolution, it will be interesting to see how this technology will benefit the mankind in future.

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