Feb 24, 2015

Launch of Apple Pay in October 2014 gave rise to mobile commerce. This was one of the greatest innovations done by the technology giants like the launch of iPhone 6 which is integrated with NFC technology with easy point of sale (POS) for transaction.

This was a great milestone achieved by Apple by introducing iPhone 6 which is enabled with the ability to sync with another NFC equipped device and also lets you make purchase at real world stores. This venturing of Apple into the online payment world is absolutely a major breakthrough.

So as a business owner year 2015 is surely going to provide much more chances to meet the growing opportunities and be in line with the ever changing trends. It has been predicted that by 2015, the percentage of US internet users using the web through mobile device is going to rise more than the PCs. Goldman Sachs has predicted that by 2018 the number of consumers spending via mobile commerce is likely to grow to $626 billion.

                                                  Image Source: themobilists.com

Categorization of the mobile commerce has been done as follows:
  • e-Commerce website accessed via mobile device
  • Purchase done on Mobile-optimized/responsive website
  • Payment done via mobile device at POS
  • Purchase via mobile apps
  • Social media in-app mobile purchases (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Distribution of rewards or coupons to drive physical store traffic towards mobile site
Let’s take you through the trends expected in the mobile commerce industry in 2015.

Purchase through In-App more prevalent

Users find doing purchase via in-app more fruitful and secure. There has been also major rise in the number of apps with which users have interacted. Facebook is one such a company which provides its own payment system to users and hence successfully gain their trust as well. It is predicted that in year 2015, many social game developers are planning to generate their revenue the way Facebook credit does.

Starbucks, has successfully developed its own mobile commerce platform which is an extension to its existing infrastructure. It has been successful in achieving same number of transactions and loyalty points to its website on phone which complements and mirrors its offline experience.

More percentage of users opting for Mobile Online Shopping

To cope up with the recent advancements in the mobile commerce many bricks and mortar companies have already started to capitalize on this trend. To narrow down the gap between bricks and clicks many offline stores are trying their best to capture online customers.

Also the social media emergence has also led to its boost as more retailers are trying to quickly seize their marketing potential. Hence in 2015 Facebook ‘likes’ and Pinterest ‘pins’ will hold more weightage.

Beware don’t ever forget Mobile Web

In recent times the power of the mobile website will certainly continue to fascinate its users by a higher number. The usage for mobile browsers is gearing up at full speed such that its demand is increasing day by day which is very well clear from its growing market share.

In 2015, it is expected that the percentage of customers coming from mobile web very well help to bring new business, also the apps are also included to help customers revisit the website.

The Smartphone Credit Card

NFC chips can surely help to bring into the revolution by facilitating the payment process using mobile technologies in 2015. NFC chips which once put inside smartphones help to transmit customer payment and banking data once scanning is done on the reader.

To conclude let’s wait and watch and we will certainly see plenty of new things on the horizon for this year that can change business and commerce across all spheres.


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