Mar 11, 2015

As the year 2015 comes to a start software industry is gearing up to find out the key areas that dominated in 2014 particularly in the area of quality assurance and software testing.
However it has been noticed that in the year 2014 some transformed programs, which made use of social media, mobile, internet of things (IoT), analytics and cloud had a great impact on QA and software testing in a positive manner. Organizations got a clear view that improvement in the quality of IT services and products will definitely improve   the business results and simultaneously which lead to its growth. There is a huge awareness among IT organizations about the key roles and significance of QA and software testing. 

In recent times there has been great rise in the percentage of organizations going for cloud technologies in order to host their software testing applications. There has been almost 28% rise in the adoption of cloud testing which is expected to reach up-to 35 percent by 2017.

Let’s have a look at the trends adopted in software testing for year 2015. 

Security Testing
This is a key testing trend adopted for organizations growth and quality check. Security Testing provides the authenticity to interconnect their systems, all the processes over the Internet by keeping in the note of the mobile security as well.

Big Data Testing
It is quite a challenging task to test the Big Data related applications and solutions as day by day data is increasing in fact exploding all around us. This trend is very important of all which needs to be adopted in 2015.

Testing of Digital Commerce
Latest in digital commerce is all about trends adopted in e-commerce and e-tailing. The retailers have implemented many customized digital commerce solutions and their usability, security and performance testing is not quite an easy task.

IoT Testing
The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a boom in the technology world and is also noticing a major growth. Such an adoption of IoT, has off course made the world well interconnected. For the smooth use of the apps and technologies, there is much more rise for the IoT testing.

It is one of the latest trend adopted in software industry. The current IT systems demand faster deployment that too with quality assurance. DevOps is all about collaboration and integration of business, developers and IT professionals. Here testing plays a crucial role initiated by the rise of the skilled professional in the DevOps world.

Mobile Testing
As Mobile DevOps, Mobile ERP and Apps markets are in demand this days so is the need for mobile testing.
As per the Gartner survey, by 2017, 268 billion mobile app downloads are expected to generate revenue of $77 billion. The mobile app testing is gaining much importance in the field of functional testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing and compatibility testing.

Cloud Testing
This is the testing done when we talk about cloud based solutions. It’s all about testing when it comes to cloud – whether it is testing the applications on the cloud. This needs organizations to be cloud-ready and holds great importance in cloud computing.

Hence, to survive and grow in this technology world there is need to adopt the upcoming trends and be a winner in the race. 


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