Feb 9, 2015

Recently Google has come up with real time voice translation which might turn something of great use especially to those who live overseas or travel often. Google Translate is the major breakthrough in the real time monitoring system. This new update is for both Android and iOS apps and was already rolled out last month by Google with two features: real-time voice and sign translation.

Before going into the depth of the topic let us know first what real time feature actually means.

Real-time means where the interaction between the outputs resulting from an input is so instantaneous that it can impact its next input. There are two ways of sending or receiving that interaction either in the text format or in voice.

Chatting won’t be considered part of this as it is not done on real-time basis as you take time to reply back so be it a short or long text you always take time to finish sending the message. So it’s not called really real-time, but not far from it. Actually it is more near to real time messaging.

However the near-real-time voice messaging doesn’t find any need in today’s modern communication but at the same time it also holds some sort of importance. As with real-time voice, if you don't answer the call, you may lose it certainly. While with near real time, you choose time to answer the call, as it is there recorded and waiting for you to read and reply.

The phone camera should be “ON” inside the app to make use of the visual translation feature.

Its real-time voice translation is quite good as it can easily translate even intermediate speech between the two people who speak different languages while holding a conversation.

Imagine that you are on a world tour and for example you enter to Korean restaurant in London so you can make better use of Google’s latest app to test it and understand this foreign language.

So if you find yourself quite hungry and menu card is leaving you quite confused it is the best time to make use of Google real voice translate app.

Google Translate can easily help you to translate any foreign text into English that too on real-time basis. For that you just have to hover the phone camera over the menu card.

To your utter surprise you may find that this incredible translation can happen in less than a second hence making you understand each item in the menu list even if it is written in Korean language.

So while travelling to any other country you won’t face any problem and moreover no need to pay any unwanted bills.

You simply need to download free translation packs from Google’s Play Store for each of the language

To conclude we have to believe in the fact that Google Translate is quite an impressive app and if you are more on tours and travels make sure this app is there in your smartphone. Google Translate works in 90 languages and can be used without the need for an internet connection.

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