Jun 24, 2014

Smart jewelry is in rage, there is really no doubt about that. Everyone is trying to do something unique with this however, most of the products which are making their way into the market are very specific and people are not very open to accept them (yet!!).

Women are the target audience for this segment because they hate to carry mobile in their hand nor they are so tech savvy that they always want to have Bluetooth headset connected on their head. In our recent post, we told you all about smarty ring, MEMI bracelet etc. However, the smart jewelry which we are going to talk about in this post is actually not very techie but still it’s useful.

Netatmo June is a new bracelet cum smart jewelry which is specially meant to take care of women’s skin and its well-being. This bracelet can do the following things-
  • Sun forecast for each day
  • What items you should carry in the bags in order to stay protected from sun.
  • It tracks your activity in the sun and informs you about the daily sun dose (on the scale of 100).
  • It gives you the index of your skin based on how sensitive your skin is.
  • It sends all the notifications to your smartphone

So, you see that this device is not very technical but still it’s trying to find a different niche for itself. This device is available in three colors- silver, gold and platinum and it is shaped like a jewel. It can be worn as a bracelet, a brooch on the color or it can be clipped on your shirt. It gets connected to your phone and sends you the notifications towards your sun activity.

The idea of this smart jewelry is to nag you whenever you cross your daily limit of sun activity. It judges the skin of the user by the initial questions one has to answer before starting using this bracelet. The question ranges from your eye color, hair etc. Once this device has gathered all the necessary information about your skin type. It creates a possible skin protection program especially for you and guide you accordingly.

This device calculated your daily activity and keeps nagging you about your daily sun dose. As per the device, if you go beyond the 100% sun dose, you skin is likely to burn. There are other harms as well which one gets from excessive sun rays such as pre-ageing, wrinkles, skin cancers etc.

To be honest, we are not very sure about how this device is likely to work in the market because this feature is not something which can be termed as “Totally Necessity”. We will sure know how market has reacted to this device soon enough!!

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