Jun 6, 2014

In next four years or so, we will see the Google self-driving car on the roads. After smart phone and augmented reality, they are likely to be the next big thing. Having said that, currently the team behind this self-driving car is making some remarkable improvements. They have been working on this since 2009 and in a recently product show-case, the team has offered three-mile round to lots of people in Mountain View area.

It is extraordinary that car drove so well without any human interference. However, it is important to mention here that car still needs to learn so many small things more like not killing the small animals on the road and dealing with the traffic jams etc.

So, we have made a list of things which Google car can and can’t do right now.


  • It can identify the signals a cyclist is trying to give on the road and behave accordingly. The car notice the sign turns given by the hand of the cyclist and make the space accordingly.

  • Car can easily deal with the four-way traffic. It is not polite nor too aggressive. It keeps moving an inch closer so that other human drivers can understand that the car is waiting for their turn and they cannot surpass it.

  • This one is funny, but Google car is also programmed to break the law. Google car takes care of the speed limit on the city road but on the highway, the team members has programmed it to run little above the allowed speed limit.

  • Google car can easily identify the speed breakers, potholes etc. and slows down before the tire of the car approach them. However, the car doesn’t drive around them so it is dangerous for the suspension of the car.


  • The bad weather can be really bad for the car. Right now, car has not learned how to deal with the snow on the road or the water which is getting kicked up by the other cars on the road. The transmitter doesn’t really understand those signals and gets confuse.

  • Google car doesn’t understand the concept of traffic cops so far. So, if a traffic cop on the road is trying to say something through the motion of the hands, car will never pick those signals and keep following the instruction which are filled in the program manual.

  • It is very likely for Google car to cream the small animals which by mistake comes on the road because it doesn’t also understands the concept of squirrels or perhaps small cats on the road. It is very likely for the Google car to cream them under the tire.

At the least, after considering all the points we are still in the favor of Google self-driving car and we are hopeful that the developers of this project will eliminate all the possibilities of the failure of Google car soon. We wish them all the luck in the same endeavor.

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