May 30, 2014

When it comes to digital marketing and advertising; another factor which is booming is Augmented Reality in the Retail and e-Commerce sector. How it is going to be? And how it will affect the future of buying? Will augmented reality would really change the future of buying style? And more importantly, whether we will be able to implement it or not?

There are enormous question which arises whenever virtual reality or cyber space come into the picture. Currently when every big company is spending huge bucks over augmented reality applications, retail sector has also started thinking over it. What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which creates a 3D environment with the help of computer graphics which generates an illusion of a real world around us. So, with the help of an AR the retail sector would definitely experience a better profits as it will improve the customer experience. It will definitely enhance the shopping experience of users who are opting for online or e-shopping. As now with the augmented reality you can experience the products in the virtual reality world which seems more realistic as compare to the 2D images. Therefore, it will definitely bridge the gap between an online store and a physical store.

With the augmented reality coming into the picture of retail world, it will also improve the advertising style and the mode of selling. AR offers digital enhancements to the real world senses like touch, sight, smell and sound. It will not just give better product demos, sneak peeks, interactive social media, and multiple products views but also better deals and real time information too. In a study conducted in UK, both traditional print and augmented reality marketing campaigns shows that when customer can feel the product and can experience it like a real world then they feel more connected and buy more products as compared to the printed ones.

Major Benefits of Augmented Reality are –

Great Interactivity – You can feel and touch the product like you do in a real world which helps in making decision faster and accurate.

Need of Less Space – It definitely helps in reducing the space which is needed for displays for those physical products.

Real time Information – It provides a real-time information to the users and to sellers which can help a seller to track the warehouse and product availability.

Although this technology is still under the clouds and developers are trying to come up with something absolutely out of the box which at the end is a WIN-WIN situation for both the parties i.e. for consumers and sellers. Where everything is moving on digital environment, a virtual environment and augmented reality is always fascinating to all.

Today mobile technologies are taking steps towards new dimensions and making apps with such thoughts and ideas which could definitely improve the customer satisfaction, loyalty towards the company and better purchasing decisions which will ultimately proves beneficial for the companies. The retail companies who are planning to use augmented reality are – Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Volvo, Cadbury, Walmart and Ikea etc. So, lastly what do you think over this technology? And what are your takes about it?

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