Mar 24, 2014

With the Mobile Industry getting into a phase where smartphones are pertaining a whole world; there is a new beginning for the innovative technology called Wearable Devices. Recently Google unveils an Android Wear which is a modified version of the Mobile Android OS especially designed for these wearable devices, with the initial push being smartwatches.

In this, Google being a pioneer decided to come up with such technology which is especially developed to make these devices work more efficiently given their size and functionalities.

To begin with, installation of this OS has been initiated on the smart watches. One thing that need to be considered while designing applications for a device is that, it needs to be fitted onto our wrist so, we have to keep things as compact as possible. Instead of adding any phone like features; the device have very minimalistic features which focuses completely on notifications and quick responses, so that you won’t have a huge over loaded watch on your wrist. These devices has an OS which is based on “Google Voice Recognition Technology”.

A wearable device is not a complete solution when it comes to technology and features as found on other mobile devices but it is an extension to these devices to make the experience more user friendly and to make the process efficient and seamless. It mainly focuses on the features which gives information on weather, flight timings, upcoming reservations or incoming packages and not just the social media updates and notifications. It got a feature called “O.K. Google” and by saying that one can enable the device to perform any search by voice commands or in other words, it wakes up the device and it waits for you to give it new set of instructions to follow.

Currently if we look at the scenario, Google wants the third party developers to come up with new applications which are wearable-friendly and make the device more effective and operational. Google also wants Android Wear to serve as a bridge between you and your other devices, including your television or computer. Working on these applications, Google isn’t ignoring the fitness freaks or people looking for fitness either. In this, as an android device it detects your speed and distance travelled while walking or jogging.

Although Google and Samsung always go hand-in-hand undoubtedly. Earlier this year, Samsung also launched the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. With this android wear, Google has confirmed that along with Samsung; LG and Motorola will be the partner of this modified OS when it comes to hardware. In fact, now when Motorola which is not a part of google anymore; still Moto 360 (a smartwatch based on modified mobile android OS) is ready to be launched before Samsung products. Other than Motorola, LG is also coming up with LG G watch. Other hardware partners are HTC and Asus. The chip partners are Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, Broadcom and Imagination. Furthermore, Fossil group took the initiation to bring android wear into the market later this year.

It is just the beginning to a new era of technology. Although the finer details of the Android wear is still vague but if we look onto Google’s developer site and design guidelines, the work done and the thought process is quite a promising. The major concern which always make users unsure about this device is its weight and bulkiness. Where Google is making promises that this device would be revolutionary in the market, we are still in a dilemma whether it would be in round shape or square? How the screen size and justify the applications which would be used into this? Nevertheless, the company’s effort is appreciable with these smatwatches. This is the company which also launched Google Glasses, although it is an amazing device but formerly it was little creepy and not realistic to be used into our day to day life. Let’s wait and watch and see how these watches will make our life more technology oriented.


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