Sep 19, 2013

INRIX has unrevealed that their newest traffic 5.0 app will be available with Google glass. This application will be compatible with android, iOS, windows phone and some specific versions of blackberry OS. The software which will be launched by INRIX with this new version of application is expected to deal with the major problem of traffic congestion. INRIX is expected to give the solution of annoying traffic problem to masses in next two weeks (The expected launch date is October 1st Week).

As we know, it is very dangerous to interact on phone while driving or keep looking into your GPS screen for the alternate route. This Google glass will be adjusted on your eyes with your hand behind the steering wheels and mind on the road. This road traffic application will guide you through the traffic without creating any major hindrance.

INRIX Traffic 5.0 will be very easy for the driver to use with a build-in voice command. This software will have the features like traffic maps, live cameras, message sending of your arrival time and all other amazing thing build on one screen only.

So far, INRIX was trusted by Audi, BMW and Ford but now this application will be available for every user. This new mobile app version will also going to be the first app which has been designed for Google Glass which will allow users to offer ETA’s and best route while driving.

This traffic app will be pretty similar to the smartphone variant, but with Google Glass which is powered by Android OS there will be some unique functions such as push notifications when the driver will approach towards traffic congestion or accident areas. This application will also send ETA’s alert to your family and friends if something happens via Google Talk or e-mail.

Some of the basic advantages of Google glass with INRIX traffic 5.0 app, are -

Avoid Traffic Delays

Application tells you if you will be facing any traffic in your path. You will get notifications about the congestion or an incident which may have happened ahead of your route. You can also ask for the alternate route. This application basically provides the route based on your final destination.

Share the Incident Photos

You can click photographs without using your hands while driving. You can tell your Google glass through voice command to click a picture and it will do it for you. You will be able to store these pictures on your G+ account as well as in your app account. You can also share some of the latest incident pictures on the road.

Send your Location

You will be able to send your location and whereabouts to your family and friends while driving. You can even give them a head start of your arrival time while driving. This will be possible through Google talk message or through e-mail.

Compare Route and Timings

Application will show a prompt message once you reach your destination about how much time you took etc. You can actually be able to compare some of the alternate routes and see which one is best for you.

We would love to hear, what you think about this new invention and do you think they will actually be able to change the world with this new invention. Leave us a comment and share your views.

It’s amazing to see that technology is pacing so fast. Mobile app development companies are also doing great to fulfill the demand of this growing market. We hope that in near future we see more innovative enterprise application development which can bring revolution in the market.

Information source: INRIXTraffic



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